Android at MWC16

Mobile World Congress

2016's Mobile World Congress was a helluva show. Not only did we see what just might be the best phones Samsung, Sony and LG have ever made, but we were able to witness first-hand how companies like Alcatel and ZTE have become comfortable with building premium phones for people on a budget. Of course, new phones only tell part of the story.

Companies are embracing Virtual Reality, which means more people will see first-hand what all the fuss is about. Getting the public to want something is the best way to drive the innovation behind it. Samsung is handing out Gear VR units when you buy the Galaxy S7, Alcatel is going a step further and using a headset as the box, and LG has built what might turn out to be the best experience of all with the 360 VR headset. If VR is ever going to turn from a novelty into a true consumer market category, this is how it will happen. I can't wait to try this stuff.

And we can't forget Rolling Bots. With lasers. Pew Pew.

Like all good things, MWC must end. We're going to digest what we've seen and heard, and be ready to get our hands on all the things as soon as we can. It's going to be a great year.

The best of MWC 2016