Motorola's 'Yo' Moto 360 contest is over, and it didn't end well

Motorola ran a contest yesterday on the questionably-useful "Yo" messaging app, with intentions to give away a Moto 360 to 20 winners. The contest has closed today and it seems that Motorola has picked winners... a lot of winners, many of whom actually haven't won anything. According to screenshots heading out on Twitter and Google+, folks are receiving messages from Motorola on Yo indicating that they have won the contest, and when they accept to redeem they're then told there are no more Moto 360s available to give away.

Motorola Yo contest

Comments on Motorola's Google+ post indicating that the contest has ended have started to fill up as well, with a whole lot of people not too happy with the winner mix-up. Motorola hasn't said anything yet as to what happened or why so many people were notified, but we have to guess its next contest will happen on a platform that's better suited for this sort of thing than Yo.

Source: +Motorola

Andrew Martonik

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