Motorola's full Xoom Super Bowl ad

Youtube link for mobile viewing

No launch date yet, but here's Motorola's full commercial for the Xoom Honeycomb tablet, which aired during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. Says Moto in its release:

Created by Anomaly New York, the ad entitled “Empower the People” is set in an Orwellian, 1984-esque world where technology – and people – are limited by restrictive platforms. Enter Motorola XOOM - the tablet to create a better world - and a new day with optimism, openness, freedom and empowerment.Motorola XOOM redefines the tablet category by providing more ways to have fun, connect with friends and stay productive on the go. Out of more than 20,000 products announced at CES last month, the Motorola XOOM was named “Best in Show” by CNET and lauded with numerous accolades and awards.As the first tablet running Google’s new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the XOOM is powerful and fundamentally different than anything else on the market.

Empowering the people, indeed.

  • Its ok...
  • The tablet itself is ok, but honeycomb is awesome. That's how a tablet OS is supposed to be!
  • lmao omg the ad was so low key I didn't even know it was on when the game went on break.... ill watch it when the game is over.
  • I think that all the people in white were suppose to represent apple and the iphone. Notice the apple ear buds?!
  • you're right. its like a remake of Apples '1984' ad. role reversal.
  • someone needs to be fired
  • Agreed. That ad is a serious yawner.
  • its the super bowl?! that was so boring
  • Problem is, the xoom guy looks exactly like the apple hipsters I see in the city. It should have been Jerry Hildebrand. Now that would have been sweet. *note: I only know what Jerry looks like based on his profile picture.
  • Didn't excite me kinda of boring
  • Did u catch the Chase commercial looks he using a DroidX
  • Now thats a cool ad.
  • It does look like this is the tablet to run circles around the I-Pad. Commercial was so so. But looking at that Xoom looks pretty damn good. Honeycomb looks good.
  • mmmm she (the girl) is very pretty ;) ...oh the tablet, yes ok.
  • That was the best commercial they could come up with? ? ! ! Someone should get fired for that garbage! !
  • BORING, disappointing
  • Palm Pre comercials all over again! Ahhhh!!!
  • i disagree... the xoom girl is a looker! the one palm had was creepy... EDIT: other than that...
  • I agree, this girl doesn't make me think of children of the corn but yeah, same lame ass tech device ad that tries to capture your feelings. Lame.
  • The creepy Palm chick? CRINGE!!!
  • One word... Dry!
  • I liked. Zoom looked cool. Music was catchy. Like true romance.
  • So he spent $800 to give her virtual flowers. Yeesh.
  • I agree, the girl is prettier than the tablet. I guess I'll be the first to ask; what's her name?
  • Aweful ad
  • Imitate the Apple product, imitate the Apple Superbowl commercial, and imitate the Apple pricing. A winning formula? Maybe--until all the other manufacturers catch up. Early adopters will bite, smart shoppers will wait for competition.
  • LOL that'll show Apple. Pfft. Instead of dissing the competition, why not show what the device is capable of? People mock Apple for their "this is how you use it" ads. Have you ever tried to explain anything technological to someone who isn't tech savvy? It's a d*mn nightmare. Apple moves many iPads thanks to their ads. If Android/OEM'S would embrace Apple's ad-style of "this is how you use it/this is what you can do with it, Android might get more attention and people might actually begin to figure out what Android is. Not many people know. Ads like this and verizon's DRRROIIIIIDDDD just further the confusion. Also, this ad was really uninspiring. I still think the tablet itself is awesome though. :O
  • I thought we were going to see an ad with the planet and 2011 vs 1984 and all that? Or am I missing something?
  • That was just the teaser for the ad... Stupid Moto, so so dumb.
  • I didn't realize until the very end that it was the Xoom. I thought it might be the iPad2. YAWN.