Motorola Xoom Family Edition packs Zoodles kid-friendly software

Motorola might just be on to something here with the yet to be announced Motorola Xoom Family Edition. Aside from the notably different retail packaging, this Motorola Xoom found in a big box eleectronics shop has some slight modifications when it comes to software.

While it still has Honeycomb loaded onto it, it's also noted to have the Zoodles application loaded onto it. Zoodles offers a "kid mode" option that is reccomended for kids 8 and under but also offers access to games, videos all in a same environment seperate from other functions of your device. No telling when Motorola will announce this new version to the masses but it can't be that far off.

Question is, will it be priced more affordably for families as well? We hope so but if not -- you can always download the Zoodles application from the Android Market right now. It's available for free and you'll find the video for it past the break so that you get a better idea of what, exactly it does.

Source: Engadget

  • My 4yr old LOVES Zoodles on my Asus Transformer. But, why get a special edition Xoom just for a preloaded app that I could load on my p.o.s. Evo Shift?
  • Shhh! The masses will hear you and then HTC can't exploit people that don't know any better.
  • Don't you mea motorola?
  • Oops... I think you're both right.