Motorola Sholes Runs Android To Launch on Verizon?

If you were disappointed with the Motorola Morrison, you weren’t alone. We thought that Motorola’s purported first Android effort was targeted more for the messaging heavy customer base (read: teenage girls) than the traditional smartphone user (read: us). And coming from a company like Motorola, whose hardware design is typically top-notch, we couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. Luckily, that’s not Motorola’s only Android device. Meet the Motorola Sholes.

According to multiple reports, the Motorola Sholes has a 3.7” (480 x 854) touchscreen, 512 MB storage, 256 MB RAM, microSD/SDHC support up to 16 gig (with 8gb sd card shipping with the phone), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, GPS, WiFi, and support for CDMA and EVDO Rev A. Oh yeah, it runs Android and is supposed to launch in October of this year.

The product photos point towards the Motorola Sholes being a Verizon phone but it’s still fairly early in the game to confirm. The design can definitely be likened to the Morrison but it looks loads more polished and light years more ‘grown up’. Though we’re good with the design, we’re a little confused about the Bottom Edge of the phone which feels incomplete, the slider front doesn’t cover the end—weird.

What do you guys think? 


  • I would definitely prefer this on T-mobile over the morrison. The morrison, from what i've seen, looks too childish.
  • when it has an entire touch screen and doesn't need a d-pad on the outside it makes perfect sense. I also vast approve of the navigational pad on the right side instead of the Morrison layout
  • It's definitely better looking than Morrison, but putting the d-pad next to the keyboard and under the screen when closed doesn't make sense to me.
  • I think I would leave T-Mo for it. That is bad ass. Would have been even better had the D pad were on the left side for mobile gaming. And if the rumors are true that it will have the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor we might finally have a competitor for the iPhone
  • I want this entire rumor to be true with every fiber of my being, of course that means it probably won't be, but if any android phone comes out on verizon in time for christmas i'll be happy this is interesting though because it's not much different than the calgary (albeit much nicer), there hasn't been any calgary news in a long time so i wonder if they changed the codename and improved it, or maybe they're coming out with a lower end and higher end slide-out-keyboard-android-phone-on-verizon, most likely i think at least one of them won't come true, hopefully this one does though also i kindof like what they did with the bottom edge, i like the idea of every manufacturer doing something funky with the bottom edge of their android phones (htc has the chin, motorola has this...) and i think it looks pretty good from a design perspective
  • To me it looks like perhaps the slider goes up and to the left. It's obviously hard to tell from a photo, but that might be whey it is not covering the bottom of the phone, it appears to be overlapping on the top of the phone. That's what i see.
  • Interesting point of view. So you're saying the screen when closed, would be flush with that bottom edge.. it wouldn't be exposed.. and then when you slide/kick the screen out and up (like the G1), it exposes the edge? I was with you but then looked a bit harder. If that were the case, then the top edge would be exposed when the screen was closed, and that would just look weird, esp. with those jacks up there. Also, I think that's the mic hole on that bottom edge, so it would need to be exposed all the time, screen up or down. Either way I'm diggin the phone but have some thoughts bout the qwerty. The size of the DPAD really makes the keyboard smaller, and puts the keyboard off left-center of the screen. Might work out in the end though!
  • Well I for one would just like these phones to be cheaper. Besides with all this Android and other things they're needing huge amounts of RAM and CPU power.
    Heck , 256 MB of RAM was enough for a PC running Windows XP and now a mobile phone needs that much ? Maybe if it weren't for the damn VM and stuff Android needs but oh well ....
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