Motorola Sholes Pictured in Real Life

We were decently impressed with the leaked product shots of the Verizon Motorola Sholes, one of Motorola's upcoming Android devices, especially considering it was such a large step up from the Motorola Morrison. But now with a supposed live shot of the Sholes, we've become a wee bit more guarded.

The picture obviously doesn't come with the polish of the product shots but this Motorola Sholes doesn't look as 'high end' as we previously thought. It looks like the Sholes might suffer from high plastickicity and poor constructionism but we'll hold off on our final thoughts until we get one of these puppies in our hands.

But hey, would you look at that. It has an HTC 'Android Chin'!

What do you guys think?


  • Well it definitely looks like a Motorola phone. And I on that note I don't know that I'd ever want one. I'd have to agree on the poor constructionism, and say as well that a little too much craptitude made it through to the final product. But hey I suppose every Android phone can't be the best thing out there. Thanks for lowering the bar a bit Motorola Morrison. That many more people are going to be crazy for the Rachel thanks to you.
  • Ugly.. I like the keyboard idea, Rachael should be good, but no keyboard.. so is in my opinion the only negative point.
    This Motorola looks like a old one..
  • According to another Android blog (i'm forgetting which, I'm afraid) somebody who sounded like they knew what they were talking about said that the photos we're seeing now are not the final version, but a prototype. We'll see.
  • yeah this is just a prototype
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  • If it is running the new SnapDragon 1ghz processor it should really fly. I am also a big fan of the slide out keyboards. The touchscreen keyboards are not any good.