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Motorola rolls out minor 5.0.2 update to Moto 360

If you have a Moto 360 strapped to your wrist, you might want to check for an update. Motorola has started rolling out a minor update that brings the wearable up to version 5.0.2, and includes updated Google Play services and bug fixes.

Here's the official changelog from Motorola:

  • Updated Google Play services
  • A variety of system optimizations and security updates to improve performance and stability

The build number for this version reads LWX49L. You can go ahead and check for the update now, but note that it is still rolling out, thus it may not immediately show as available for your device.

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab)

  • LG too! (G Watch)
  • Zenwatch as well. Just updated to 5.02 last night
  • Better battery life? I hope so :) Now I can go a full day of using and abusing the watch, but if I use it moderately, I can push it to two days if I turn it off while sleeping. :)
  • Google play store on a watch? Candy crush soda saga lol Posted via the Galaxy Note 4
  • Not google play store.. google play services
  • Yup, like Sam said, this is Play Services, not the Play Store per se.
  • I have about 50 to 60% battery every night before I put it on the charger after it has run 16+ hours.
  • same here
  • What are ppl doing with there watch that it doesn't last the entire day? I forgot my charger when I went out of town and it didn't die the entire weekend Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm with you. I can get a couple days out of my 360 no problem. I've also been a watch wearer for years though, so I treat it more like a watch and less like a device.
  • Is that with ambient on or off?
  • I have ambient off.
  • I'm not sure, but for some of us, no, it doesn't. Mine's gotten better in recent time, with no change in behavior on my part, but for a while there I'd find it complaining about its battery life as I pulled up at home at 6PM. It was usually dead by midnight. And that's with ambient mode off. Now I can pretty consistently make it past 2AM, which is pretty reasonable. But I still don't get this fabled 24-36 hours others claim.
  • I took my 360 off the charger yesterday at 8am. When I got home at 9 30 pm to place it on the charger it had 68% left. I use mine mainly to help with notification management and an occasional glance for the time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's really wonderful for you. Sure wish my original one, or the warranty replacement I got after every comment thread assured me something had to be wrong with it, got that kind of life. But as I said, currently it's at least to the point where it finally gets me past going to bed, which is really all I NEED. That's what I got from my G Watch, although my G Watch had ambient display, which I do miss.
  • Try turning off motion control. Some people accidentally activate the screen hundreds of times a day just because of the way they move.
  • If I have to physically interact with it to see the time, it's so few steps removed from pulling my phone out of my pocket as to pretty much cancel it out entirely. Moving from my Pebble which was visible at all times, and in the dark with a wrist flick, to my G Watch which was visible at all times but kind of hard to see in the sunlight, to the 360 that requires me to move my wrist to see it was already a couple of notches of downgraded experience from an actual watch. I'm not going any further than that.
  • Have it on ambient mode with brightness set to auto. Lasts about 15 hours.
  • No idea. I have mine on ambient mode with brightness on the 2nd to highest setting, yet still get over a day of usage. I still charge mine every night, but I can easily get just shy off 48 hours out of it. Even higher if I disable some less important notifications. Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App
  • I wonder the same. After playing around with the settings including blocking certain apps, I get literally about 3 days of battery life with my Sony Smartwatch 3. Posted via my HTC One M8
  • I put mine on this morning, I get notifications from work email all day, I'm down to maps, email, gmail, hangouts/sms for notifications, it's not on ambient, and I'm at 47% right now.
  • Same here. Took my moto 360 off the charger at 11am... It is now 3:46 am and I'm at 50%
  • Many people legitimately have lemons. My first 360 couldn't last more than 10 hours. When I went to exchange it, the dude at AT&T told me it's not that particular watch; it's of them. He said his would only last 6 hours on a charge. I asked to exchange it anyway. My new watch gets twice the battery life of my first one with no change in usage.
  • I traded my 360 for the zenwatch because of this. I now can go from 7am to 1am with still about 10-20% battery left and the display always on. I even extended the display timeout to 5 seconds from the 3 second default. I would love to see better battery still but the minimum anyone should accept is 20hrs of always on display. Same for a phone...I would love to see 20 hrs of normal to heavy use on EVERY phone. If they need to be 10-12mm thick to make that happen, so be it. I'm not sure why we accept 12-16hrs on a phone given that no ones day is that short...It's not like they can't do it.
  • Always on is annoying to me. Do you really want something glowing on your wrist all day? My 360 lasts ~40 hours on a charge during normal days but only 5 if I am doing something active like snowboarding. That is the only issues i have with it. Luckily it charges really fast.
  • <deleted>
  • Anyone pull the update down yet?
  • My gs5 updated to lollipop and now my watch isn't working properly.. It no longer mutes the phone when connected even though the setting is on. And a vast majority of the time it doesn't vibrate either. Anyone know how to fix these or experience them? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Although the Lollipop update to the Samsung Galaxy S5 is an unmitigated disaster, perhaps this Moto 5.0.2 update for the Moto 360 might correct the problems you're experiencing with the 360.
  • My g Watch and motox have not worked properly yet since lollipop, I sure hope a fix comes soon! I have it stared in the android issue tracker, but there are only 20 stars and it's listed as low priority! I guess nobody is serious about this whole Smart watch thing if they can't be bothered to make it functional! The whole point of having the watch for me is so my phone doesn't ring during meetings, my work around is to put it in to vibrate on the phone, but it comes out of that mode randomly and without explanation all the time. Lollipop is fine, except it truly did seem to break notifications across the board. Hopefully everyone experiencing this issue can speak up loud enough to be heard!
  • I think I reset my watch after receiving 5.0 and it fixed all those little weird issues. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is my thread for those ever having problems with battery life or strangeness on the 360:
  • Actually, when my gs5 updated to 5.0 it made my moto 360 battery drain much faster then on 4.4.4 kit Kat... The only difference that made 5.0 on my gs5 better was when I requested navigation over moto 360, it would automatically start it from my phone.... Even while the display was off and locked.. In 4.4.4. Attempting the same navigation request it asks me to wait the phone up and unlock it... But quite honestly... Until there's a fix on the buggy 5.0 on the gs5 ... I'll stick with 4.4.4 for the mean time.
  • i had issues on my lgg3 as well and i reset my watch back to factory and paired it again as a new device to my phone and it seemed to work,you should try the same maybe youll have some luck as well
  • Motorola needs to come hard with the second version of the moto 360. The battlefield is getting critical... Posted via the Android Central App
  • No update on my moto 360 yet. Push it soon even if it's not a significant one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just checked still on 5.0.1 no new updates yet
  • I always seem to be in the back of the line for these updates. Posted via the Android Central App
  • quite interesting that was Motorola announcing the update, not the big G.
    I just wish it fixes that weirdness that you try to open the settings, it opens for half a second and go back to the watch, then you have to open again, and then it opens. Factory reset, resync, works fine for a couple of days and back to this weirdness.
  • interesting, I've never heard or experienced that. Hope this update fixes your issue.
  • I've searched a lot to see if anyone have this issues, but never heard as well. But it's super annoying.
  • That happens to me too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • FINALLY.... I found one person who have the same issue. Now just keep fingers crossed this 5.0.2 fixes it.
  • Back on topic, as I understand it the Wear update (in conjunction with the Google Play Services update) irons out issues with Fit and step count accuracy.
  • Hey everyone! If you want to instantly "fix" your battery life issue, disable Fit and Moto Fit. They use the heart rate sensor constantly, and that is what is zapping your batteries. I was getting on average about 8-10 hours until I disabled Fit, after that, I am averaging 36 hours, ambient off.
  • I can get 48 hours, easily, with Fit not disabled...
  • Just received the 5.0.2 update on my LG GWatch R! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just got the update on my LG Gwatch R about an hour ago Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll give it a go when I get off work today. More excited about the Play Services update because my Note 3 on 4.4.2 Alliance ROM hadn't been able to make it through a work shift in what seems like a month or so now. Play Services is going nuts with wakelocks (usually around 65% of battery). Not seeing that one yet but hopefully it fixes it.
  • Not noticing a difference on the Play Services side. My 360 seems the same, which is fine because it's been working very well, but my phone still didn't make it through my shift again with Play Services as the culprit. Anyone know if it's a separate update or all in the wear update?
  • I'm surprised that the Gear Live is not fat behind. I was shocked when I had the update notification. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, Thursday, around 2:30 PM, Moto360 sez, "System update."
    "Oh, cool," I sez.
    "Charge battery," sez the watch.
    "oh, boo," I sez. Battery was about 60% at that time. Got home an hour or so later and dropped it on the charger. About 90% charged and it was ready to go. The update took a few minutes with a restart. I am not noticing anything different yet. No problems.
  • No update for me yet. Rocking the Note 4
  • Got the update for my gwatch r tonight. Uk Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really hope this fixes the Bluetooth issues when connected in my car. Currently, when my watch is connected to my phone spotify skips all the time in my car (connected to car system via bluetooth). We will see!
  • For those with battery issues, try resetting the sucker first. Also, there is a world of difference in my 360 when I'm using it for navigation/music controls vs not. I went out of town once and forgot my charger. I popped it in theater mode and treated it like a dedicated trusted bluetooth device for the most part and it lasted over 48 hours. Like everything, it comes down to screen on time and what you're syncing. Syncing nav and music is gonna drain it faster, period. Posted via Android Central App
  • After 5.02 update my moto360 cannot sleep anymore when docked. The screen goes off and wakes up again very bright with the charging screen saver. This repeats and the watch is getting very hot too. Anybody?