Motorola Ironman Is Another Motorola Android Device, Releasing Q3

Wow. After months of little to no Android hardware news, this week has been AMAZING. Motorola is supposedly lining up to release another Android Device dubbed the 'Ironman' in Q3. This report coming off the news of the Motorola Calgary releasing to Verizon is just beautiful.

At the moment, details are vague but the Ironman is supposed to pack a hefty punch of power with everything you'd want in a smartphone: 3G, WiFi, high-resolution camera, etc. The picture above seems to showcase a Palm Pre-esque sliding form-factor with a relatively large keyboard. The screen looks a tad small to run Android but the mockup looks a little 'off' to begin with. We'll definitely know more about this device in the future.

How excited are you guys about Android after this week!

[via bgr]

Casey Chan