Motorola Flipout is real, really square, and coming to Europe in Q2

We've spent much of or time lately with the largest Android phone, now let's move to one of the smallest. The Motorola Flipout (that's the square deal that made the rounds back in April) which we've seen was announced this morning and will be available in Europe and will be available in Europe in the second quarter. The Flipout brings a square form factor with a 2.8-inch screen at 320x240 pixels. It's running Android 2.1 with an "enhanced" version of Motoblur, Motorola's custom interface atop Android. In fact, it's the first Motoblur phone to run on Android 2.1.

Other specs of note: Quad-band GSM, dual-band WCDMA; Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR; aGPS; 1170mAh battery; 5-row keyboard; WiFi, 3MP camera; FM radio; a "Flash-enabled" Webkit browser;  all in a package that's a little more than 2.5 inches square and is available in seven colors.

It's a form factor that's surely aimed at the kids (you reading this, KIN?), though better Exchange support is touted in the enhanced version of Motoblur, too. No word yet on pricing. Check out the hip announcement video after the break. [Motorola (opens in new tab) via]

Phil Nickinson
  • It's a shame that it has a 320x240 screen, I can imagine application compatibility could be an issue.
  • My exact thought too.
  • reminds me of the motorola twist, only this one runs on android. maybe this will do better than the twist did when it was released...
  • Also...the Pantech Reveal. Is it just me, or does VZW have a lot of these sqaure phones? We might get this then. I wish the colors....went through the whole phone, like the keyboard matched the back. Then it'd be a hit.
  • I don't think I could rock this. I'm not a big fan of motoblur and the keyboard looks awkward. But it looks better than the backflip.