Motorola Droid X accessories hands-on

What's a new phone without a few new accessories to go with it, eh? The Motorola Droid X will have desktop and car docks available at launch, for $49.99 and $39.99, respectively. And the desktop dock also will serve to stream media to your TV over HDMI our DLNA, so it's got that going for it, too, which is nice. Rest assured our own Android Central Store will have accessories, too, and you can check out what else Verizon will be pimping here. (pdf link)

Phil Nickinson
  • Droid X galor!
  • Well see if available at l launch the di is still lacking. What about over sized batterys. K
  • gaaaaah. damn you motorola. I'm still in my 30 days and I dont know if I should return the evo for this awesome multimedia package >.< Heeeeeelp!!!
  • what the what? you mean, i'm still waiting on a car dock for my incredible, but the x gets one at launch? who am i mad at? htc, i think, right?
  • Verizon commissions the production of licensed accessories. HTC would love to sell some overpriced car docks to big red :)
  • I like it
  • "What's a new phone without a few new accessories to go with it, eh?" HTC Incredible, sadly.
  • Looks great, but still no audio out on the multimedia dock. Sure they can throw a HDMI out on it but no 3.5 audio jack?
  • This is the question everyone should be asking
  • Where's the Evo car dock? I would like one, please.
  • I definitely want a dock like that for my EVO. Willing to wait awhile. I know its coming.
  • The htc incredible car dock is alot cheaper then the droid x car dock. I got mine for my incredible for $17.50. As for the EVO dock, I thought they came out with one? As big as the droid x and evo are, I don't know if I would want that hanging on my windshield. Back to the incredible fir a min, htc did make a tv out cable for the incredible, its just very hard to get ahold of. Give the companys some time and I'm sure they will come out with a desktop dock for the incredible. And NO the droid x dock will not work with a case on.
  • incredible dock?
  • Incredible dock please? Moto is definitely on their game with accessories being on time, but even the Evo has gotten some accessories that that Inc hasn't. Starting to worry that my Inc will become the next red-headed stepchild in the mix of Android phones. I'm still within my 30 days, so I may have to go and get a feel for this phone instead.
  • Thinking about getting one, but does the car dock have an audio out? I saw a video somewhere, but it looked like the only plug on the car dock was the power. If I'm plugging it into the dock, I'd hate to have to manually attach a 3.5mm cord to the headphone jack of the phone to get audio into the Auxiliary Input on my car stereo.