Motorola Droid Froyo build FRF84B leaked

Droid users you've got another Froyo build to play with -- FRF84B.  (Eyes playing tricks on me.  Thanks for the correction darkcomartist.Yes, that number should look familiar, as it's the same build that was called the final for the Nexus One.  We have no idea if this will be the final version from Motorola, but if you've been unofficially beta testing Android 2.2 on your Droid, you might want to have a look.

Get it HERE .  You'll have to be rooted, flash the file from recovery.  Then shout out in the comments and in the forums and let us know the good and the bad.  [DroidLife]

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  • It's actually FRF84B, not 85 but I haven't really noticed a difference between this and the previous BB Froyo rom. Anyone have any ideas what's new in this one?
  • fixed. Thanks for the correction! Time for me to see the optometrist it seems lol.
  • My Nexus One was sent FRF85B this morning. What's the difference between that and 84B?
  • I'm guessing still no love for the milestone
  • Ahh Why root? I don't want to have to wipe my deviceto root. Loss all my app data. What a pain in the ass.
  • Market restored every one for me... (No matter how many times I switch between ROMs my apps and settings remain. Even my wallpaper!)
  • Download titanium backup from the market and backup your apps and data. Root, wipe, load rom, reload Titanium and restore all needed apps/data.
  • But Bugless Beast v0.3 just came out =/
  • So in order to root you have to wipe your device?
  • I did not have to wipe my device when I rooted - and even if you do, what is there that Google isn't going to restore automatically? It restores all your apps, contacts, etc... (I'd never go back to before root. Too amazing. Battery life improvement, customization, capability, options, etc...)
  • Google Maps 4.3 now updates no problem
  • Okay so n00b question, how do I root this on my Droid?
  • Ahhhhhh..... I just flashed my device with this and when I tried to do the tethering I was taken to the VZW site to purchase the tethering option. This is definitely a VZW build. If someone is enjoying the free tethering now you'll definitely want to avoid this as it is gone.
  • The tethering works just fine on mine
  • Odd. I connected to the tethering, loaded my web browser and then it put me on the VZW screen to purchase the tethering option.
  • USB tethering works great on mine.
    Can't find personal hotspot or bluetooth tether. Is that the separate Verizon app?
  • miss some of the goodies from BB v0.3, but I do notice some slight differences between the two ROMS. The gallery and map apps seem more responsive. the 3D launcher was removed. i'm still a bit annoyed by the mute/vibrate change in Froyo, but overall, this FRF84B seems SOLID!
  • Don't know that I could give up slick speed & style of my Froyo Kangerade... Especially if I wouldn't have the free wireless tethering app! It'd be nice to be able to download that Maps update, finally, but... I don't know. Does it add anything new or better that would make it worth it???
  • Anybody know of any other changes besides the tethering now leading to VZW to purchase? Besides a few cosmetic things (like the notification isn't see-through anymore) I don't know what's new?
  • Apps menu isn't as 3D.
  • When I try to apply this is the message I get --Install from sdcard...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted. Any idea to why that happened?
  • stupid question, are you rooted? If not thats probably it.
  • don't apply instead save the file as is ( on your sd card root and go into ROM manager and select install ROM from SD Card. when it prompts you to backup, select backup. If you are coming from a previous 2.2 build you do not have to select wipe data/cache. and then allow it to reboot into recovery and it will install itself. the first reboot will take a little bit longer than usual.
  • I am currently running 2.1-update1 that I got from here and installed via apply I am not sure if that means that my phone is rooted or not. If not I haven't a clue on how to root the phone so I can install the 2.2 build. The ROM Manager says it is for root users only so before I install it I want to make sure my phone is properly rooted or rooted at all. Thanks for your help.
  • This new build is definitely solid. Although it doesn't beat my BB ROM in the benchmark tests, it seems to run way smoother altogether.
  • an other noob question did the camera works on this relase???
  • YES! With some nice improvements. There's a little superimposed icon bar over the bottom of the picture with zoom, flash, white balance, store location, and focus/exposure mode icons. Rotating the phone even rotates the icons in the bottom bar. Quite a bit nicer than the old pull down/over menu.
  • Why cant people wait for the official update. a bunch of SHADY FUCKS
  • Really? You are going to respond like that on an Android enthusiest website? Reall gonna call out people like that? or are you upset because you cant make the leap to Root?
  • You are an iPhone user ARNT you!? LOL :o
  • i use android. have the droid.
  • sorry man we cant wait and if you dont like it go a way
  • What's shady about it? Its My device. Why can't I do what I want to with it? It's not illegal.
  • BB v0.4 now available!! with FRF84B
  • I tried both this and the "clean" version that DroidLife released but after the install completes it get stuck switching between the red droid eye animation and the driod text animation. I've let it sit in this transition for well over 20 minutes to see if it was just a slow loading but it just loops. I'm guessing this 2.2 does not like my phone. P.S. I'm running the last leaked 2.2 before this one with root.
  • The same thing happened to me. I had to boot into rom manager and wipe my data then do Install Zip from SD and pick the build. After I did that my phone booted up just fine. I had to re-setup everything though but that didn't take too long since all my apps and contacts re-installed automatically once I synced with my gmail account.
  • Yeah I ended up downloading BBV4 which uses this latest release. I had to wipe data and cache for it to install properly. So anyone having the same issue just wipe both data and cache to get things going. So bar I'm really liking BBv4 it's really nice.