What good is having the amazing device if you can't keep it powered? While on the go keeping it charged is very important, as is the ability to connect it to a PC to exchange files quickly or back the device up. Take a look at some external chargers and sync cables that will ensure you are connected at all times.

Motorola Droid Wall Chargers

Motorola Droid chargers

An extra Droid wall charger is a must for your Droid if you're looking to keep it topped off. Whether you're on the road or just need an extra charger around the house, you can never have too many Droid chargers around.

Motorola Droid charging docks


Charging docks for the Motorola Droid gives you a safe place to dock your Droid to keep it safe, and while docked some quick media features are available along with a large clock on the screen. Whether you have a messy desk, or just like to be able to see the clock at all times while charging, this is a great option for you.

Motorola Droid Car Charger

Droid car chargers

Car chargers are always a great accessory to have with any smartphone. No one can afford to have their device die while on the road, so don't let it happen to you.

Motorola Droid charging and sync cables


Droid charge and sync cables are something that many often forget at home because they are a pain to lug around and tend to become a tangled mess, but often times we forget how important they are.  Having a sync cable with you while on the go can help restore your device if need be, along with back up information, and even charge your device via USB.