Motorola DEXT aka CLIQ Heading to Orange UK for Free

Orange UK has announced that they'll release the Motorola DEXT (what we know as the Motorola CLIQ) in early October for the low, no price of free. Though us Android users in the US have no official time frame for launch and any idea of price, Orange UK customers will be glad to know that if you sign up for a new 2-year contract with applicable plan (£34.26/month, ~$56/month), you'll receive the DEXT for free.

Aside from the fact that we have no idea why Motorola chose two different names for the same phone, if T-Mobile can maintain the same launch frame (early October) and pricing (free) for the CLIQ, we guarantee a winner of a device. Our fingers are permanently crossed.

In the mean time, can anyone explain why UK folks always get their phones for free?


  • Why? Because you are committing to pay a company a hefty payment every single month for the next two years! A phone is a good incentive for Orange to lock in that customer. The phone isn't really free, it's just included in the price of the contract. If it was really free, it'd be included in the $20 contracts too.
  • I'm fairly certain anyone reading this site understands the business model.
    I think the point being made, is that while carriers in the US do the same thing, the customer usually still has to pay something up front.
  • I'd guess we have less reason to choose a specific operator. We have five operators (plus "virtual operators"), all of whom are GSM/3G, and all with fairly similar network coverage. All operators offer included minutes that can be used equally for same-network or cross-network calls. It's also easy to change networks (I don't know how easy this is in the US), so there are similar offers of free phones to get existing customers to sign up for another 12/18/24 months. Since all networks are GSM, you can use your phone on any network. Operators are required by law to provide free number transfers and device unlock codes.
  • I think the point is that if the airline in the United States to do likewise, the customer, usually something else to pay in advance.
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