Motorola Cutting Jobs, Focusing On Android

We love Motorola here at Android Central, we really do. So it's sad for us to report that Motorola is planning to cut more jobs in an effort to cut costs and, well, make a buck in these tough economic times. According to sources who spoke to the WSJ, cuts are reportedly going to number in the thousands. Along with the job cuts, Motorola will "scrap dozens of phone designs" and focus on only a few projects.

Namely, Android.

We were half-kidding before that Motorola desperately needs Android to succeed and that their first Android device will be their last-ditch effort at survival. We're not kidding anymore. Whenever that Motorola Android phone comes out, it needs to be a hit or the Motorola we know and love will no longer be around. Make us proud Moto.

[WSJ via Engadget]

Casey Chan