Motorola CLIQ Releasing on November 11th, Pre-Orders Start October 19th ?

Because we've yet to receive official word on the release date of the Motoroal CLIQ, we're left with rumors, speculation, and leaked pamphlets. Tmonews has received an image of a purported Motorola CLIQ pamphlet detailing that pre-orders for the CLIQ will start on October 19th. Though we've previously reported that the CLIQ might release in October, this new leaked pamphlet is the most convincing evidence yet.

BGR independently reports that the CLIQ will launch on November 11th. This report would fall in line with the leaked pre-order date of October 19th because it would give T-Mobile a little over 3 weeks to fulfill the pre-orders. The timeframe makes sense because T-Mobile typically gives a little over 3 weeks for pre-orders (like for the myTouch 3G).

If the CLIQ does launch in November, that'll give Orange UK nearly a month's head start on releasing the latest Android phone. And though that isn't much of a surprise given that the UK has previously received Android phones early, it makes us even more envious of UK Android Users. To have the CLIQ (or DEXT) for free and early? Yeah, we pretty much hate you guys right now.

Casey Chan