Motorola Citrus Coming soon to Verizon

Want to learn a bit more about the Motorola Citrus before it launches on the 11th?  

Our friends at how2moto released a series of helpful videos to help familiarize you with the new entry level device in Verizon's Android Army. Via [How2Moto]

Introducing the Motorola Citrus:

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The Citrus is an all touchscreen device, running Motorola's custom Blur interface over 2.1, sporting a compact, eco-friendly design.

Adding a bookmark shortcut to your Homescreen:

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Whether it's a link to your favorite search engine or your favorite Android Blog, adding a browser shortcut to your Homescreen is a simple process.

Texting with Swype:

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Like many Android devices, the Citrus launches with the popular Swype keyboard, allowing for lightning fast text entry that's both accurate and entertaining.

Enabling the Backtrack Cursor:

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One of the most unique features on the Citrus is the Backtrack Cursor, a way for you to manipulate icons on the screen without getting your fingers in the way of what you want to read.

If you're still looking for more information, check out our Hands On video along with the official press release. You can also discuss the upcoming device in our official forums.