motorola backflip

AT&T has released a software update for the Motorola Backflip to improve performance and fix bugs, but it's not an update to Eclair just yet. Instead, you're getting:

  • Improved Text Messaging: General improvements to text messaging - especially for longer message threads.
  • Improved Display: Color and clarity improvements to the display.
  • Camera Correction: Repairs random occurrence of camera application quitting while in use.
  • Bluetooth Improvements: Better audio and connectivity to Bluetooth headsets.
  • Removes Size Restrictions for Ringtones: Ringtone files no longer have size restrictions.
  • Improved Network Connection: Improves overall connection to the 3G network.
  • Better Performance of Android Market™ Applications: Improves performance of downloaded applications from the Android Market™.
  • Improved Stability: Additional device stability reduces occurrence of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Improved Battery Life: Improves battery performance when battery is fully drained and charging.
  • Improved Streaming Audio & Video Playback: Repairs rare instances of streaming audio and video interruptions that have resulted in device powering off-and-on.

This is an OTA update, so just be ready for the message that it's there, and allow it to download and install.  As AT&T reminds us, data charges can and will apply, so if you're close on your monthly allotment you might want to wait for a steady WiFi connection to grab it.  Anyone who updates, feel free to shout out in the comments so the rest of us know what to expect! [Motorola]

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