Motorola Atrix 4G bootloader reportedly will be unlocked with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update

Being a Motorola Arix 4G owner just got a whole lot more exciting. According to the latest news, when the Motorola Atrix gets updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread net month that update will also be bringing along for the ride an unlocked bootloader. Early builds of Android 2.3 allowed for bootloader unlocking through the "fastboot oem unlock" command. And it's apparently also been confirmed that Chinese versions of Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Atrix allow unlocking of the bootloader. 

We're hoping this unlocking will happen for all Atrix owners and not be limited to certain carriers -- given the out cry from users already letting Motorola know how they feel, we can't see that happening but you never know. Either way, developers may soon be creating some real custom ROM's and kernels for the Motorola Atrix and that's something we can all appreciate.

Source: BriefMobile

  • Nice. Hopefully this won't began isolated thing and Motorola is finaly hearing us.
  • So is this a sign that Moto will be unlocking more phones?
  • Phones that are not on Verizon, the company 100% against letting you own your phone and root it......YES
  • I would like to see this for the X2 as well please!!!!
  • You think Verizon would allow that?? LMFAO
  • I can dream can't I!? ;)
  • blah blah. to little to late. never ever will i ever...
  • No joke! I gave up on the Atrix just in time to return it for the Inspire. I have since moved to VzW but I can't believe so many kept that thing. It was just way too laggy and even with unlocked bootloader it's still not appealing really.
  • I find it very hard to believe you ever actually owned an Atrix. The phone has no lag, even stock.
  • I can't imagine cm7 on this badboy.
  • I am willing to bet even if certain carriers *cough* AT&T *cough* do not allow it the fact that it will be allowed on other carriers in the world means we just flash one of those roms to our phone then proceed to unlock our boot loader. I also like it because I want to get more in to the dev part of the world so that would basically allow my Atrix to become a dev phone.
  • I trust you guys on Android Central but Moto is in that part of my book I will believe it when I see it. If they do then great I might give Moto another shot. I think they should unlock all phones that would still be under a 2 year contract a.k.a my Droid X. My .02
  • Verizon makes the final decision, NOT moto. AKA do NOT hold your breath.
  • Tippy ty tippy tay
  • Thats interesting !
    Any word on the 1080p Recording ?
    or which MOTOBLUR it gonna have ? Droid X's version or Droid 3's version
  • Hey Motorola is my company. They've always treated me right for the last 6 years so I'm happy to be able to stay with this company.
  • Surprised this doesn't have more comments!
  • Please, please, please carry over to the GB update for the Droid X2. Although, if any carrier is going to intervene and stop this, I would think it'd be Big Red.
  • Moto is not stupid, they are now able to hide behind the carriers when it comes to booloaders. If say VZW does not want their phones to have an unlocked bootloader, than Moto has no choice but to keep the bootloader locked. The same goes for at&t/T-Mobile/etc. Dan
  • It's give and take. If carriers become too demanding and want too many things their customers don't the phone manufacturers could pull their phones which would hurt the carriers(It would obviously hurt their own sales as well). It's really hard to say who has the upper hand with things like this. Motorola is a pretty big presence on Verizon and I bet Verizon would hate to lose them at the same time they are raising prices and adding data caps. Verizon is in for a tough haul as far as getting new customers the way it is in the coming months I think, especially with Sprint's plans and phone lineup lately. In fact, I believe Sprint is getting a high end Motorola phone this year which may further hurt Verizon.
  • Hellz yeah!! This is really good news for a Thursday morning!!!
  • at first I was very stoked to hear this, but being on verizon got me less exited. I really hope big red comes to their senses realizing how big the dev community is and how much their sales will go up. As much as it sucks they do have the best network as long as they can do this I will be renewing my contract lol
  • Why all this" if verizon allows it" talk?
  • I don't believe it based on past Motorola actions.
  • This is HUGE. if this is true, perhaps I will not only stop dissuading friends and family from buying moto, but may actually consider getting the bionic.