Motorola Skip for Moto X

Motorola has just put up an odd Moto X accessory for sale called the "Skip" which unlocks your Moto X when you take it out of your pocket. The "wearable accessory" clips onto your shirt or pants near where you keep your Moto X in your pocket, and unlocks the device via NFC when you swipe past it. Yup, that's all it does and Motorola is asking $20 for this accessory to boot.

A support document showing setup and troubleshooting information for the Skip indicates that it's simple to set up by tapping your Moto X to it once and following the settings prompts. But we're still unsure how this is any notable amount faster to unlock your phone than pulling it out and hitting the power button with your thumb. Presumably you'll have to hold the phone for some amount of time over the NFC antenna in the device to make sure it works.

It will be interesting to see how it works with PIN and password lock screens (there's no indication right now), as well as with Motorola's trusted Bluetooth technology that keeps the phone unlocked when in range of paired Bluetooth devices. Interested in picking one up for your upcoming Moto X purchase? Motorola is already selling them directly for $20 from its own site at the source link below.

Source: Motorola; (2); Via: Droid-Life