Moto X 2014

Excited doesn't begin to describe a lot of Moto X (2014) users out there when the phone was quickly updated to Lollipop, but it didn't take long for that excitement to sour. The update to 5.0.2 introduced software lag, battery drain problems, and several isolated issues that turned a fantastic phone into a mediocre burden for many.

Plenty of good things made it into the update as well, especially for those who are a fan of Motorola's enhancements to an almost Nexus-esque experience, but it's easy to let the negatives get you down when the phone performed so well out of the box.

Moto X flashlight

It's update time again, only this time we're making the jump to Android 5.1. Google's made some much-needed stability improvements to Android, and Motorola has continued to improve their contributions to the ecosystem. For example, this update introduced a new gesture for activating the flashlight mode on the phone just as easily as you would launch the camera. The double-chop is a small detail overall, but a huge example of the kind of usability additions that make Moto X phones so much fun to use.

This 5.1 update has been in the wild for at least a week now in most cases, so it's time to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the update. Has Motorola improved the overall experience? Are the issues introduces in 5.0.2 gone? Has using double-chop to activate the flashlight saved you from falling down a flight of stairs or angrily waking a spouse? We need to know!

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