The second-gen Moto G, refreshed by Motorola in 2014, is the mid-point in the Moto device lineup flanked by the Moto X above it and Moto E below it.

While it isn't much of a barn burner, the Moto G really is greater than the sum of its parts. With a Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and just 8GB of storage, the Moto G is more than capable of handling everything that all but the heaviest of users will throw at it. That's largely due to the very light customization of Android that Motorola has done, which simply highlights the power of the operating system rather than trying to change it for branding purposes.

The biggest changes on the new Moto G are front-facing stereo speakers, a larger 5-inch display, an SD card slot standard, and improved 8MP camera, which were pain points for owners of the original model. With those smart changes on-board and the rest rather unchanged it let Motorola keep the cost down, while continuing to offer other neat features like swappable back shells.

Starting at just $179 unlocked and without any sort of contract, the Moto G offered a tremendous value, and it's no surprise that it's Motorola's best-selling smartphone in its history.