Moto 360 Sport renders leak

The upcoming second-gen Moto 360 has been all but announced by Motorola, but a new leak is now revealing that the company may be releasing a Sport model of the watch as well. It has been rumored that Motorola would be releasing the watch in both a small and large variant this year, but the Sport watch would add a third model into the mix. The overall look, judging by the leak, is very similar to the other models, but this time around it looks to have a rubber strap that is non-removable. Details are very limited at this point when it comes to the Moto 360 Sport.

More Moto 360 second-gen

Just recently, some more renders of the second-gen Moto 360 leaked, and now even more have surfaced. This time around, we see more customization options, showing the various configurations partnered together. We're expecting Motorola to officially announce the new watches this week at IFA 2015, so be sure to stay tuned for all of our coverage.

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Source: @upleaks