Rolecule Games has been creating innovative games for the iPhone and Apple TV for a while now, and finally, the first of them has made the leap to Android and Chromecast. Motion Tennis is a tennis game you play across both devices with the motion of swinging your hand with your phone in it simulating the movements in the game.

It's the same idea that made the Nintendo Wii so popular. You control the experience from your Android phone (seriously, not a good idea to try this with a tablet) but only the game image is beamed to the Chromecast. So you get all the game menus on the phone and just the tennis action on the TV.

Chromecast is also only one of the supported screen sharing technologies, with Miracast and AllShareCast smart TVs also supported as well as the Chrome browser. The app on the phone will walk you through all the necessary steps to get set up and then it's over to you.

Additionally, in the future Rolecule will update Motion Tennis to remove the need for a smartphone if you're wearing an Android Wear watch. Insanely clever stuff and we can't wait for that. If you're interested, grab it right now from the Google Play Store link up top where it's free to download. If you want to find out more, check out iMore's review of the Apple TV version at the link below.