In last week's poll we asked how you prefer to watch your television and movies. We live in a world filled with options for how you want to watch. You can keep using cable, download an app like Netflix or Hulu, or even grab yourself a Tivo to record your shows off of cable so that you can watch them at your leisure later.

That's why we wanted to know how you watch your movies and television. There is no wrong way to watch your favorite shows, and all of the options available today means that you can watch however you prefer to.

So how do people watch their shows?

  1. "A combination of apps and services" - 43.1%
  2. Netflix - 18%
  3. "An app or service not listed here" - 16.8%
  4. Cable - 12.6%
  5. Chromecast - 5%
  6. Hulu - 2.6%
  7. Tivo - 1.9%

Your turn

Didn't get a chance to vote? Did your vote fall into the "app or service not listed?" Let us know in the comments below!

Do you agree with our results? Did we miss your favorite app for catching television shows? Hop into our comments below and let us know about it!