More pics of Samsung's A series phones reportedly surface

It appears that we might have some new photos of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy A5 and A3 devices. New pictures of the devices, which will reportedly take after the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, have apparently surfaced.

The new images line up with what we've seen before. The Galaxy A5 will reportedly feature an aluminum unibody, along with chamfered edges along the band, like the Galaxy Alpha. No new information yet on the supposed third member of the A series, the Galaxy A7.

We've previously seen some images of the Galaxy A5, as well heard rumors about pricing for the entire A series. The Galaxy A3 will reportedly be priced between $350 and $400, while the higher-end Galaxy A5 is apparently be between $400 and $450. It's said that the Galaxy A7 will have a price between $450 and $500, and only see release in a limited set of countries. All three phones are rumored to come with LTE connectivity.

What do you think of this supposed new look at Samsung's A series? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android México on Twitter (1), (2), via SamMobile