The Dell Aero, the sort-of good-looking Dell Android phone headed to AT&T, just got some new information that's just not worth getting excited about. The Aero is said to use a middling 624 MHz Marvell processor, a 3.5-inch capacitive screen, and a capacitive stylus for handwriting recognition. If you remember, the software is all sorts of crazy and the leak suggests that there'll be a media player that will use Windows Media DRM to protect downloaded music (dont ask us why). But it's not all bad, QuickOffice, ActiveSync, on-device photo editing, and social networks come stock on the Aero too. However, it's expected to run Android 1.5 with 2.1 as a promised update later this year, and we all know how that story goes.

Compared to the other Dell phones leaked yesterday, the Aero is just, un-exciting. At least it's going where Android phones go to die AT&T. [Engadget]