Remember the Motorola Motus? Sure you do, it was Motorola's next Android device rumored to run Motoblur and have some interesting flip mechanism for the keyboard. More details are coming to light on the Motus and it looks to corroborate our previous report but the most interesting nugget is its potential launch on AT&T. Big Blue is the only carrier that doesn't offer an Android device and has yet to even acknowledge Android in the public arena. The Motus looks like a very sleek device, the type of 'flagship' device that AT&T could kick off their Android lineup with. Sadly, it looks like we'll have to wait until April or May 2010 to play with this puppy.

In the mean time, here's the latest on the Motus:

  • The keyboard flip backwards, so it's facing out when the phone is 'closed'. When the phone is 'open' there's a trackpad behind the keyboard (so you can scroll while typing?). There's another hinge position to set the phone upright--in a desktop mode/alarm clock of sorts.
  • 5 megapixel camera and LED Flash on the keyboard. We're guessing it's around that white area on the left hand corner of the Motus. Having the camera on the keyboard is interesting before you remember that the keyboard is the closed 'back' of the phone. Should be just a run-of-the-mill camera, rumor has it as a webcam.
  • Keyboard is backlit, which should surprise no one. It's also 'domed', which is surprising because the keyboard in the picture above looks completely flat. If 'domed' means better than the Droid keyboard, we're all for it.
  • Around 3/4 of an inch thick which would make it more on par with the thickness of the T-Mobile G1 than the Motorola Droid.
  • Tipster was told it runs Snapdragon but original reports had it as your run-of-the-mill 528 MHz processor. Regardless, the Motus was very responsive
  • Runs Motoblur

We've been waiting for a 'grown-up' Motoblur device ever since the Cliq and have been dying for a AT&T Android device for quite some time now. Could the Motus be the answer to both?