Monument Valley for Android

Stop what you're doing and watch this. Then download Monument Valley. It's long been a popular puzzle game on iOS, and it's now available on Android for $3.99. It'a all about look at feel. You guide Princess Ida through the impossible, M.C. Escher-type geometry, hitting buttons and turning shapes as needed. It tests your brain, for sure, but it's not so tough that you'll want to throw your phone or tablet against the wall.

You'll want to look for visual clues, as well. Some shapes slide. Others turn. You'll get a feel for it as the game goes on.

(For an even better experience, throw on some headphones, or fire up an HTC One, if you've got one.)

After even just a couple minutes, you'll quickly realize how good a game this is. Period.

One quick word of warning: The Unity engine that runs Monument Valley isn't fully compatible with the ART runtime. So if you're seeing crashes or other wonk and you're on ART, that's why.