The mono link Moto 360 band is the one I've always wanted

Mono link means that, at least externally, you see single pieces of metal spanning the entire breadth of the band. That's in contrast to the first metal bands that were released, a more traditional (and perhaps too busy for the visually-simple Moto 360) rounded triple-link design.

Moreover, the mono link band is the metal band that was first shown off with the Moto 360 was announced. Well, it only existed in press renderings and the only watch band we saw for the first several months in the real world were the leather bands. Which are nice and all, but they're not metal.

So when the metal bands were finally announced, I was instantly deflated. They, in my opinion, looked awful. The Moto 360 has clean and sharp lines and the new bands looked like the belonged on a cheap watch that's trying to pretend to be fancy (and failing).

Moto 360 mono link band (render)Moto 360 mono link band (render)Moto 360 mono link band (render)Moto 360 mono link band (render)

Today Motorola formally launched Moto Maker for the 360, bringing with it the ability to swap colors and bands as you please when ordering. There can be some real monstrosities constructed here (anybody that mixes metal band and strap colors is probably going to get slapped). With that came the triumphant and long-awaited arrival of the mono link band. I'd given up hope on it ever coming when the disappointing first metal bands were revealed, but now it's apparently coming. Eventually. Though it costs no more than the standard option, it's currently listed as "delayed shipping" in Moto Maker and not at all available for purchasing separately.

Why am I writing so much about a watch band? Because this one looks good. It's crisp edges and tight seams better match the design of the Moto 360's round case. Importantly, this band also has a much less noticeable gap where it overflows beyond the embedded lug mountings.

This is the Moto 360 watch band I wanted from the start, and I can't wait to finally get one on my wrist.

Moto 360 mono link band (render)