Mobile Nations podcast 17: Tasty hardware profits

Kevin from, Phil from, Daniel from and Rene from talk Google I/O, Windows Phone 8, WWDC, BlackBerry 10, 7-inch tablets, and media streamers. This is Mobile Nations!




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  • Google I/O only for showing off products? I think he was a little clueless when he said that lol, did he not see the vast amount of live streamed developer sessions (which I commend Google for streaming so many of them). Still some good discussions in this podcast :) I enjoyed it.
  • Rene made a comment about when there is the smallest update to Android the callers and forum members all want to know if it is coming and when to their phones. That is true Rene but those are a very small minority of phone geeks, 95% of all Android phone owners don't even know or if there are updates. They buy the phone for what it is not what it will be. Apple phone users love to throw this same old song and dance at Android and it means nothing but to the serious phone geeks.
  • Around 27 minutes, Daniel from says "Nokia's never made a tablet"... and there's no one to correct him! Come on, guys! Do you seriously don't know that much? Nokia was on track with the first ARM touch screen tablets (NITs) since 2005, before it shrank them to phone size (N900, 2009) and later derailed completely and abandoned them...
  • I have some regrets, It's no up on iTunes yet.
  • I use Dogcatcher for my podcasts, Mobil Nations gives an error when it tries to update. I'm getting this same error on two different phones on different Carriers.
  • I got the audio podcast a couple of hours ago in Google Listen. Maybe you are trying to watch the video?
  • I use Doggcatcher too (since it is the best period)and it sometimes receives podcasts a little later than other podcast players, but it should work later...probably some sort of server error
  • Still having Error Message when I try to update Mobile Nations United podcast (video)
    I have Dogcatcher on two Carriers on two different phones, SGS3 on T-Mobile and HTC Rezound on Verizon. All other Video Podcasts update without any issues, Mobile Nations United (video) is the only podcast that is having this problem.