Misfit is expanding the band choices for its Shine fitness tracker today with the announcement of the EKOCYCLE Field Band, which was developed in collaboration with Coca-Cola and will.i.am. The interesting partnership yielded a very nice looking casual band that looks like something you'd find on a modern watch today. And going along with the trendy style (the will.i.am part) is the fact that the Field Band is made in part out of recycled PET plastic bottles (the Coca-Cola part).

You'll be able to buy the band on its own in either grey or red for $49 and put your current Misfit Shine in it, or if you have yet to buy a Misfit you'll be able to buy a combo set with a jet black band and Shine with the EKOCYCLE logo on it for $149. Misfit will also offer a three-pack of Field Bands at a later date for $99. In the UK prices round out to £39 for just the band, £149 for the combo pack and £69 for the three-pack of bands.

The price puts the new EKOCYCLE Field Band toward the top end of the current Misfit bands available, where you could get a metal mesh band or a pebbled leather band for the same price instead.

Source: Misfit

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