Update: Even Blass once again comes through with the leaks and has provided a much better render of the new Echo.

It's a low-resolution image scraped from Amazon's servers, but this thumbnail might be our first look at Amazon's new flagship device for Alexa, and the first to include a built-in screen. This image was first reported by AFTVnews, which previously discovered the Echo Look using the same methods back in March.

Image by @evleaks.

It's hard to glean too much from the image given the low resolution as there isn't any other information other than the image itself, but AFTVnews says the screen is rumored to be a 7-inch touchscreen. Early rumors about Amazon's 2017 Echo devices back in March hinted at the inclusion of voice calling and intercom functionality to the Alexa platform. We can now add video calls to that list of rumors — that small circle just above the screen appears to be a camera.

This would be the second Echo we've seen with a camera. Last week, Amazon unveiled the Echo Look, a new Alexa device equipped with a camera that's designed to give you fashion tips in your bedroom. Based on this new leak, it would appear that Amazon is going full-tilt towards integrating video into the Alexa platform.

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