Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 is the most scratch-resistant foldable phone

Surface Duo 2 Widgets
Surface Duo 2 Widgets (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything performed his latest durability test on the Surface Duo 2.
  • The phone easily survived the bend test thanks to the Gorilla Glass Victus.
  • This marks the most scratch-resistant foldable phone that's ever been released.

Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything is back with another durability test, this time with the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. As is the case with the majority of the best foldable phones, durability is always a concern, especially considering the steep price tags. This remains true even with Microsoft's latest attempt at a folding smartphone.

But as is evidenced throughout this durability test, Microsoft's decision to opt for dual screens held together by a hinge versus a single folding screen is better for durability. When Nelson tries to bend the phone in half, there's a considerable amount of flex, but that's in large part due to the plastic frame. The impressive part about this is that the phone doesn't actually break because of the Gorilla Glass Victus found on the device.

Keeping with the glass itself, this is not all that different from what you'll find on the best Android phones. The glass begins scratching at a level 6 before deeper grooves start appearing at a level 7. This is far more impressive than the level 3 scratches found on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Let alone more impressive than all of the rest of the best foldable phones available today.

There's no secret that the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is an impressive piece of hardware, even with its price tag. But even with the original Surface Duo, software continues to hold back the device. Perhaps this will change with the release of Android 12L, but we'll have to see how it all plays out in the coming months.

Andrew Myrick
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