Microsoft releases Outlook Preview for Android

Microsoft has released a preview of its Outlook app for Android, completing the full Office experience on Google's mobile OS. While this new app (see Acompli) is in the testing stage, it's a fully featured email client worth downloading if you use the desktop version and enjoy utilizing Microsoft Office products. It's a solid app that not only lets you tap into the world of Outlook and Office 365, but also connect to Gmail and other supported accounts.

Available as a free download for both smartphone and tablet owners, the new Outlook Preview for Android offers a full email experience with calendar functionality. The requirement to switch between apps to manage both email and schedule appointments has now been eliminated, and everything can be achieved within Microsoft's latest app release. Here's a quick look at the newly released app (as well as the iOS version):

The new Outlook has a neat new feature, which separates your inbox into two sections – focused and other. Emails deemed important by the app are loaded into your focused tab, while remaining messages are accessible via the other tab. It's all automatic and moving email between the two tabs enables Outlook to learn which messages should be stored in the two sections.

Some other features offered by the new Outlook Preview:

  • Customizable swipe gestures for archiving and managing emails conveniently.
  • Schedule Email feature temporarily removes email from the inbox and returns affected messages at designated times.
  • Predictive search hunts down email, files and people.
  • Integration with calendars.
  • Built with Android design features in mind.

All available features are loaded and ready to go, regardless as to which supported mail service you're using. Are you interested in trying out Outlook for Android? Download the preview and provide Microsoft some feedback as to how you wish for the experience to be improved for initial public release.

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  • With Material design? Hmmm.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is basically the Acompli app rebranded at this point as best I can tell, plus a couple of bonus bugs. So now I get to have three email apps on my phone. Their original app, because it can send emails from your different "alias" accounts, the Acompli app, because I like all the rest of the functionality better, and this one because I know that it will probably be getting all the future updates. It would be nice to be able to get down to just one app .... Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • I've already uninstalled Accompli in favor of this one for the updates (surely Accompli will be retired now). I could swear there was a setting in Accompli where I could only get notifications for Calendar events and not for email? While I don't mind getting meeting reminders on my device, I really don't need a notification every time I get an email ... NEVERMIND! Found it. :-)
  • Perfectly happy with Gmail although this looks very Gmail-ish, combined with some Google Inbox. Zenwatch rhymes with Winwatch. Coincidence? I think not.
  • This. I thought this immediately once I saw the design of it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you're a heavy business user of Outlook, Gmail is seriously lacking in integration with that platform.
  • Are you able to connect an exchange account to the Gmail app? I am not which is the only reason I have to use a 3rd party email client. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Even when it works (I have used Gmail for my work Exchange account), it does not support threaded conversations. So it's clunky.
  • Come on Microsoft, all I need is Xbox video and I can stay on android. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can I use mobile me, Gmail, and yahoo with it?
    Been using CloudMagic since switching to android. I love it! I just miss printing support Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • Does Exchange work with Mobile me? Gmail and Yahoo work with this new outlook app.
  • OMG where has this app been all my life? Threaded email conversations, calendar support, no more clunky device manufacturer email client (or the Gmail app without threaded conversations)? Yes, please! Now I actually have to use it for a few days and see if I'm still smitten.
  • oops, wrong article... :)
  • It's super buggy Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can't even get it to open on my note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • For a preview its decent. Like how easy it was to get my work email setup. a little clunky but that will get fixed. haven't figured out how to change the swipe functions. but again a good first attempt. Nine is still my primary for work - swipe to delete can use separate password if needed, setting out of office from your device, and the big one for me having a peak schedule so emails only come in on work hours.
  • Does it support Exchange ActiveSync? I won't even bother asking if there's an option to ignore Exchange security policies. :-)
  • Yep, it's working fine with ActiveSync. But yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath on them allowing you to skip policies. :)
  • I'll give this a try for my business email. my question is does it support suppressing automatic read receipt generation. That's the biggest thing missing from my current solution.
  • I have the samsung email for exchange now, and this one looks nicer but it seems to have a few bugs. Hope it improves, its potentially better.
  • "This app isn't available for accounts."
  • Umm, I have one and it let me in just fine. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Thats interesting it works just fine on the iOS version.
  • Of course it is. I d/l it today and set up my 3 accounts in the matter of minutes and email has been flowing all day to me in the push fashion.
  • I never thought I'd see this day come. This is the new Microsoft!
  • I bought Nine a couple of weeks ago. Dang it!
  • Looks good. I like it so far. Anyone figure out how to change the Swipe feature. Currently, swipe left archives it and swipe right schedules it for a later delivery. I want to be able to swipe to delete.
  • I second this! That's the one thing that's making me nuts.
  • Outlook (OWA for O365) Preview was release in Nov 2014. The linked article is talking about how MS removed the "Preview" tag from the Word, Powerpoint, and Excel apps.
  • When attempting to install The Outlook Preview from Google Play on an LG g3 running KitKat 4.4, I get an error, "You don't have any devices." I am able to install Acompli 1.0.13 just fine. Anyone else having a problem with LG G3 and Outlook Preview?
  • Perhaps it was a timing issue for populating the Play Store with an LG-compatible version - i can now install it.
  • Gave it a go, but for me, Nine still fits my needs a lot more.
  • Looks good, never been a fan of gmail
  • The only issue I have seen is, when I have all of my contacts in exchange, and remove the account from the Email app that comes with the S5, I lose the ability to text my contacts. So this means I need to have the built in App synced to my exchange, and then the new outlook for android synced. This means 2 password changes so I can use my exchange contacts for texting purposes.
  • So I've used both Acompli and the Outlook Preview on my Galaxy S4, and while Acompli worked on my device at first, it has all of the sudden stopped, and no matter what I try (rebooting, reinstalling, I even factory reset my device) it will not let me login with the UN/PW/Server combo that I KNOW to be correct... Very frustrating to say the least, since I really liked the "Files" feature where I could see and search through a list of the attachments that I've received (and I think sent, too). Anyways, anyone else happen to run into this issue? I'd love to figure this thing out so that I can use the darn app, because I think it has a lot of potential...
  • The app has the appearance of outlook, nice calendar. Lacks many features of outlook. Android standard email and calendar apps have. Although, there are two apps; you can add folders in the email with Microsoft exchange, you can add tasks, you can use auto replies. These options not available in this app.
  • I want to like this app, but I dont like the middle-man like service, I want the app connecting directly to my exchange server and no where else. I dont think my work would like my account details sitting on some server somewhere, could they remote wipe that like they could my phone? At least its probably a MS server now and not an Acompli server.
  • There are MAJOR issues with this app that are significant deal breakers. I've had more than a few important emails I composed "disappear" (never show in 'Sent' folder or received by recipient). I've been assured by tech support they're aware of this huge issue, and are working on it. If you have important email to send, don't use this app for now!