Microsoft releases Outlook Preview for Android

Microsoft has released a preview of its Outlook app for Android, completing the full Office experience on Google's mobile OS. While this new app (see Acompli) is in the testing stage, it's a fully featured email client worth downloading if you use the desktop version and enjoy utilizing Microsoft Office products. It's a solid app that not only lets you tap into the world of Outlook and Office 365, but also connect to Gmail and other supported accounts.

Available as a free download for both smartphone and tablet owners, the new Outlook Preview for Android offers a full email experience with calendar functionality. The requirement to switch between apps to manage both email and schedule appointments has now been eliminated, and everything can be achieved within Microsoft's latest app release. Here's a quick look at the newly released app (as well as the iOS version):

The new Outlook has a neat new feature, which separates your inbox into two sections – focused and other. Emails deemed important by the app are loaded into your focused tab, while remaining messages are accessible via the other tab. It's all automatic and moving email between the two tabs enables Outlook to learn which messages should be stored in the two sections.

Some other features offered by the new Outlook Preview:

  • Customizable swipe gestures for archiving and managing emails conveniently.
  • Schedule Email feature temporarily removes email from the inbox and returns affected messages at designated times.
  • Predictive search hunts down email, files and people.
  • Integration with calendars.
  • Built with Android design features in mind.

All available features are loaded and ready to go, regardless as to which supported mail service you're using. Are you interested in trying out Outlook for Android? Download the preview and provide Microsoft some feedback as to how you wish for the experience to be improved for initial public release.

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Rich Edmonds