Microsoft Launcher now supports 'live date update' for icons

(Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher received a small update for the beta and public versions of the app.
  • The update brings support for "live date update" for calendar icons.
  • The feature works with the Microsoft Launcher calendar icon and some other calendar app icons.

A small update is rolling out for Microsoft Launcher. Both the beta and publicly released versions of the app have a changelog for version 5.9.0. In addition to bug fixes, the update brings support for live date updates for calendar icons. The feature is supported by the Microsoft Launcher calendar icon as well as some other calendar icons.

Live date update changes the date that's displayed on your calendar application. For example, I applied the new feature to my phone today, and the icon shows today's date. It's a handy way to check what day it is quickly.

The update rolled out over the weekend and should be available to all Microsoft Launcher users. Microsoft Launcher gets new features on a regular basis. Last month, Microsoft rolled out a new Cortana experience to Microsoft Launcher users.

Microsoft Launcher

This launcher for Android features a clean design and integrates with Microsoft services, including Microsoft To-Do, Office 365, and Cortana.

Sean Endicott
  • In other words they are bring back the Windows Phone's live tiles to Android :)
  • I gave this launcher a try the other day as I use windows 10 and I have heard good things about it. I quickly switched back to Nova pro before I even finished setting it up. I will check back again, perhaps...
  • That's funny, it was the opposite for me. I started with nova, tried other launchers including the one that mimicked live tiles, but never fully switched permanently until Microsoft's launcher.
  • Only Launcher I've maintained on my Note 8. I've never tried Nova, but I'm happy with MS Launcher. I've even tried a couple of launchers that mimiced Windows Phone, with the best ones being Win 10 and Computer Launcher. Having just switched from my Lumia 950 XL, I was having withdrawals and wanted something to help me deal with the idea of being on Android. I've since gotten over it and now I'm kinda good with Android, considering the option of customizing the look and feel of the OS. I would love to see MS Launcher as a pre-installed option on the Duo next year. I think MS could do so much with this Launcher on dual screens.
  • MS Launcher is the only launcher that's kept me from going back to Nova Prime or any stock launcher. Works beautifully on any device I switch to and it only keeps getting better and better with every update
  • I do like MS Launcher, but since I use Google for my business email and everything else, it doesn't make sense for me.