What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher version 5.6 is now available for beta testers.
  • The update adds closer integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
  • You'll also find a revamped "Settings" page tagging along.

Microsoft released another update for Microsoft Launcher beta testers to check out today, bringing along a handful of new features. Coming in at version 5.6, the latest update to Microsoft Launcher aims to further erase barriers between Microsoft's services by added closer integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. There's also a revamped settings page coming with this update.

Here's a full look at the release notes for Microsoft Launcher version 5.6:

  • Adaptive icons support - Now you can have the same look for your app icons with multiple choices for shapes.
  • You are able to join Microsoft Teams meeting in Calendar card in your Feed.
  • You can see your flagged emails from your Microsoft Account or work/school account in Tasks card.
  • Launcher settings experience has been optimized so you can discover and find what you're looking for quickly.

It's worth noting that adaptive icons aren't actually new in this version. Rather, that feature shipped as part of the 5.5 update that rolled out to beta testers in May. Still, version 5.6 has a solid list of new features that should come in handy for those living in Microsoft's ecosystem.

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If you're already a Microsoft Launcher beta tester, you can grab the latest update from Google Play now. Alternatively, you can sign up to become a beta tester directly from Microsoft Launcher's Google Play page. Given the app's history, it's likely we'll see these features make their way to the release version over the coming weeks.

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