What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher 5.7 is now rolling out for everyone.
  • This update brings a new conversation experience for Cortana.
  • It also move the feed tabs to the bottom for "easy access."

Microsoft Launcher version 5.7 is now rolling out to everyone after a few weeks of beta testing. This update adds a couple of new notable features, including a more conversational Cortana experience and some UI tweaks for the feed.

The new Cortana conversation experience switches things up by showing the extent of your conversation with Microsoft's digital assistant instead of having single queries and responses. It's a look that's spreading across all platforms that is intended to make interacting with Cortana more seamless.

This update also moves the feed tabs to the bottom of the screen so they're a little more convenient to access. In addition, you'll get improvements to the drag and drop experience on your home screen.

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Here's the full release notes for Microsoft Launcher version 5.7:

  • Feed tabs are moved to the bottom for easy access
  • Cortana conversation experience updates (en_US only)
  • Improved icon drag & drop experience on home screen

Microsoft Launcher 5.7 is now available for everyone via Google Play. This update also comes alongside an update to 5.8 for the beta version of Microsoft Launcher, which adds a couple of improvements for IT administrators and the ability to have new app installs automatically add icons to your home screen.

Microsoft Launcher

This launcher for Android features a clean design and integrates with Microsoft services including Microsoft To-Do, Office 365, and Cortana.