MetroPCS now includes tethering with all plans at no additional cost

Customers who wanted to take advantage of tethering on their smartphones on MetroPCS previously had to pay an additional fee to use the feature, but that has changed. MetroPCS is now including tethering in all of its plans at no additional cost, but there are a few restrictions. For customers who have a capped data plan, like the 1, 2, or 4GB options, you can use all of your data each month to tether if you wish. Customers on the unlimited plan are allowed to use up to 6GB of data for tethering purposes each month.

This change puts MetroPCS in line with how T-Mobile, the parent company, operates. Of course, you will need a capable device to take advantage of tethering. You can check out all of the plan and phone options at the link below.

Check out the MetroPCS plan options

Jared DiPane
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  • I'll agree with you there if your data is capped, you should be able to use it as you wish.
    If your on unlimited data it's a different story, caps on tethering for unlimited users makes sense to me.
  • Every carrier should do this. It's my data, I should be able to use it however I want to Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • This is how it should be for all carriers and is one of the main reasons I've stuck with T-mobile.
  • Root root root root root....... Root..... Bought to you by The Guardians of the Cellular Galaxy...... :) Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint Lollipop}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • Wow, you mean they will let you use the data you pay for? How nice of them.
  • Most carriers double charge you on tethering. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wouldn't say "most" anymore. Might've been the case a couple years ago, but now all of the big carriers include tethering in plans, and many of the prepaid carriers are including it as well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not Verizon Posted via the Android Central App
  • Actually if you have the share everything plan, then tethering is included. I switched back to Verizon with that plan just so that I could tether and have a good signal. In my neck of the woods T-Mobile and Sprint have spotty coverage.
  • Just a tid bit.... The nexus 6 on metro has tmo WiFi calling. If I turn on WiFi calling the cellular name changes from metro to t mobile. And bam WiFi calling on tmo. Posted via the Nexus 6
  • I've been tethering with no additional costs lol Posted via...The One
  • Same here. But not everybody knows how to root. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Found a article on Google on how to get tethering on Sprint without root.... LG G2
    Galaxy Note 4
    (The Sprint Lover)
  • Just like the JG Wentworth guy would say about money, but only data. It's your data. Use it the way you want to. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1 on the T-Mobile Network.
  • Now if they would let me switch phones without having to call them every time to change the IMEI, I'd be happy. I have a few phones that I use, and I hate having to call them every time I want to use a different phone.
  • That has been over. MetroPCS went GSM long time ago. Just pop the SIM in and go.
  • I wish that was true, but they still marry the SIM card to the IMEI. I have been through this with them on countless occasions. You can pop in the sim, but you won't have service till you call and switch. I've actually considered leaving them just for this reason because it is so annoying to me, but the unlimited LTE for $60 keeps me from straying.
  • I was in the same boat, I eventually switched. If you have 2 lines or more its the same price on T-Mobile if you get in on their 2 for $100 deal, otherwise I would have stayed with metropcs even though the imei lock annoyed me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have thinking of doing the same thing. I just don't have know anyone that isn't stuck in a plan already. Everyone is either in a contract still, or on a next plan. I have to wait for someone to be free and join me.
  • After 3 months of on time payments with metro pcs, you can call and speak to step about giving you an unlock code.
  • They might be GSM but they lock your SIM card to an IMEI. This is so people don't use their promos for MetroPCS branded devices while using other phones.
  • They had the imei lock before they had any metropcs phone specific promos. They may use it for that now, but it's really just a holdover from their original system being designed for CDMA.
    The imei lock, tethering and roaming restrictions and device financing eventually lead me to switch to T-Mobile on the 2 for $100 unlimited plan. I pay the same as I did for two unlimited metro lines after taxes $110 and I get more perks and much better customer support. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You have to still call metro when switching phones Posted via the "None-Ya" app
  • Yes... Yes... And yes.... My only gripe with m pcs. Let me jump phones... Or im going back to straight talk as soon as they gi unlimited...
  • Just to clarify, it looks like once you reach the LTE cap, data goes to 2g for hotspot data along with regular data. For unlimited LTE, after 6GB LTE hotspot is used looks like goes to 2g. T-Mobile also made a change, for their unlimited LTE plan were giving 5GB hotspot with a hard cap no more hotspot data, called and the dude told me today they changed to 7GB LTE hotspot and then to 2g.
  • I can hotspot with Cricket on a unlocked phone, not sure about phones made for Cricket though, it just uses your data as if you're using it on the phone lol now if they could just come out with tablet plans I would be OK lol Posted via my Moto G 2nd gen on Cricket
  • You can't with Cricket branded phones. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How does Cricket allow it? I use to be on Cricket with a unlocked phone and that was one of the first questions I asked them. They said it was a violation of their terms. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1 on the T-Mobile Network.
  • I don't know I just turn it on and it let's me just like when I was on AT&T lol Posted via my LG G Pad 7.0
  • The phone is Unlocked(No Carrier software bloat that blocks Android's built in tethering) Never ask your carrier about tethering unless you are going to purchase their plan. They don't like when they can't charge you for being SMARTER than Normies.... LG G2
    Galaxy Note 4
    (The Sprint Lover)
  • There are people out there who are canceling home internet and just rolling with the mobile... The cell IS the new pc....... Especially if you have one of the new windows continuum phones.
    The same cycle that dumped the landline phone is starting for the internet...
  • Is windows continuum use tethering???... Its getting blurry......