MetroPCS launches an impressive suite of unlimited plans

Best MetroPCS Phones
Best MetroPCS Phones

MetroPCS has announced (opens in new tab) a new unlimited plan that gets even better when more subscribers are added. The plan starts at $50 for one user, then $25 for each additional user, up to five users total.

This includes taxes and fees, so two users would have a flat $75 phone bill for unlimited talk, text, and data. MetroPCS uses T-Mobile's network, and T-Mobile has been rapidly expanding its coverage across the country. MetroPCS notes that subscribers that use more than 32GB of data in a month may notice some slow downs when connected to more congested towers. Also, videos will stream at only 480p. Users that require tethering will be able to add 8GB of tethering data for an additional $10 per month for all users.

For comparison, AT&T's Cricket prepaid network (opens in new tab) advertises $60 for unlimited use for one user, or two unlimited lines for $55, though the latter plan is capped at 3Mbps download speeds. Verizon's prepaid plans (opens in new tab) start at $40 for 3GB of LTE data and goes up to $80 for unlimited data for a single user. Depending on how strong T-Mobile's network is in your area, the new MetroPCS plans may be a great way to save some money.

Additionally, those switching to MetroPCS in need of a new phone qualify for a $100 instant rebate for each line they switch up to five lines, helping ease the costs of a new phone. Does this deal make sense for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • So MetroPCS unlimited plan is not capped?
  • Correct. If you're on a congested tower and have used more than 32GB of data that month, you may be deprioritized.
  • Gotcha, thanks!
  • Sounds like more of something that...SPRINT use to have. Who can remember what it was called?
  • Seems like a pro T-mos place here
  • Nope, just passing on the message and comparing it to other prepaid plans.
  • Its usually not. I have many customers doing 50+GB a month not getting slowed down at all.
    NYC area I gotten download speeds as high as 80mps not bad
  • As an aside, the more lines you have the better off you are going straight to the source. I have 8 lines on T-Mobile all of them on T-Mobile one for a total of $240 taxes included (on autopay). I also get a free tablet line that goes along with it with unlimited data as well.
  • How is ONE new unlimited plan considered an " impressive suite of unlimited plans" ? Did I miss something?
  • Hi Tom, Nice article. I'm a tech writer for WhistleOut and just wanted to give a head's up that all MetroPCS plans do NOT include taxes, fees & surcharges though it's parent company T-Mobile has All-IN pricing on all of plans, excluding prepaid. Here's a link to MetroPCS plans details
  • What have you been smoking? Maybe there is a bullshit sim card fee at the beginning but after that all taxes and fees are rolled into your payment. I pay $50 total for two lines with 2GB each line. Thanks for your link, cause nobody knows how to type in and click on plans.
  • Oops I definitely got my wires crossed. I stand corrected as the MetroPCs site even states "taxes and regulatory fees" included. Thanks for the info!
  • Sorry Tom, my wrong. MetroPCS plans do include taxes, fees & surcharges.
  • Not being from the US are these plans unlimited text and voice?
  • Yes
  • I'd pick MintSim over MetroPCS. Same network, better price. While the highest tier "only" offers 10GB of LTE, you are only paying less then $35/mo. If you connect to wifi a decent amount of the time, you may not even use 10GB in a month. After 10GB is used, you are throttled.
  • MetroPCS is a better deal, you get 2 lines for $75 total. That's $37.50 per line. You're going to save $5 and throttled after 10gb. For an extra $2.50 per line you have unlimited everything, up to 32gb at high speed. It's not even close.
  • it's only a better deal if you actually use that much data. Unless you live in a rural area (and then t-mobile would suck) i would expect you to have wifi available at home. For me, i even have good wifi at school, so i use less than 500 MB (i'm on the mint 2GB plan just in case)
  • What do you actually pay for Mint sim? If use less than 500mb, Ultra mobile is only $19 a month. For $25 a month you 2GB on Metropcs. It's roughly the same mint sim. But if you use a ton of data the 2 lines for $75 is a heck of a deal.
  • MetroPCS is a better deal, you get 2 lines for $75 total. That's $37.50 per line. With mint sim you're going to save $5 and be throttled after 10gb. MetroPCS gives you unlimited everything, up to 32gb at high speed for $2.50 per line more. It's not even close.