Meizu M8 aka iPhone Clone to Run Android ?

We were once asked the question if we'll ever see Android on an iPhone. And aside from the apocalypse, of course the answer was a complete no. But it looks like Meizu, the makers of the M8 which is a complete rip-off job of the iPhone, thinks differently. They have a team working on Android right now and their Meizu M8 is rumored to be the device that runs Android. Well, wow we don't even know what to say.

Obviously, a run-of-the-mill iPhone clone doesn't warrant much attention other than the casual, quasi-curious point your finger at the similarities. But if it really runs Android? We bet a lot of people will be interested rather quickly. We know we'd have to pick one up. What about you guys?

[via gizmodo]

  • Isn't everyone tired of the iPhone 'slate' format by now? I know I am!! if I wanted a big flat phone I'd have bought an iphone 2 years ago.... What about some nice sliders with all that lovely hardware that gets used on Winmo phones? Or better still what about a Palm pre style form factor
  • The slate form is the sleekest and cheapest to make. It's here to stay. It's only going to get thinner & lighter, and a bigger screen relative to the whole package. The real keyboard is not going to be around long.
  • I think business power users are always going to want the speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard. Either that, or Android needs to find a way to implement a stylus-able soft keyboard. On my Palm T5, I didn't miss the physical keyboard b/c the stylus-able soft keyboard was FAST and accurate. Neither of which the current (stock) Android soft keyboard is. Plus, a stylus reduces everyone's finger size to the same dimension.
  • I think the Blackberry/E71 form factor with a fixed keyboard is going to stick around, and probably also something like the G1/E75 with a sliding keyboard. It's just so much easier to type on those. Personally, I'm a big fan of the E71 and its keyboard.
  • it's not a rumor, in fact in china to install android to any phones it's very easy , just to consider the market ,
    meizu M8 sell very well in mainland china in smart phone market ,
    but android not very popular in china , and have no good relationship with goverment ,
    you can check this link ,
  • Bah, For a market as big as the Chinese, the fact it may look (and well be a design ripoff of the iPhone) is unimportant/meaningless. It's a market three times that of Canada and the United States combined. M8 using Chinese people will look at the iPhone and consider the iPhone a cheap imitation.. On the inside the M8 is significantly different however - notably much more powerful with a far better camera and GPU.
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