Android Central developers

Here at Android Central we're about more than just bringing you the latest Android news, we have the best damn Android forums on the Internet!  (Notice the capital I in Internet. We're serious.)  Being the best, and staying the best, means we're always looking for ways to offer more, and this one is pure awesomesauce direct from AC forums admin Cory Streater's laboratory -- the Android Central developers group. 

We're kicking things off with a group of fellows who have taken the Sprint Optimus S and the Virgin Mobile Optimus V and changed them from great mid level phones into something that's downright spectacular with their endless late night coding sessions and dedication.  What these gentlemen have done is amazing, and if you have a phone that they work with, you probably already know it.  Jonathan, Drew, Justin, and Nick -- we raise our glass to you.

This is only the beginning folks.  The fellas and their Optimii have helped us draw up a plan and get the ball rolling, while still pumping out great work for the little phones that could, but we're ready to blow the doors off this bad boy.  While you're taking a few moments to read about the current devs in the developer group, have a peek at the basic requirements for the program as well.  If this sounds like we're talking about you, give us a shout -- Uncle Lloyd wants you.  There's perks, and we're not afraid to tackle issues that arise and keep the BS to a minimum so you can focus on your work.  There's about a half million members with over 1.1 million posts ready to have a look at your labors of love, and that's a lot of eyeballs.

Meet the Developers of Android Central