Spins HD

Coming update makes it easier to organize and play your library while keeping all the sound improvements you expect from Spins HD

While the debate over keeping your music collection stored locally or in the cloud will never end, the one thing most people agree on is that a good music player app makes a world of difference in the way those files sound. Everyone has a favorite, but Max Sound is pushing out an update to Spins HD that you're going to want to look at.

Spins HD takes your existing on-device music collection and runs it through more than equalizer presets, the app delivers HD sound by converting the file into an actual analog sound wave. While it's still a compressed digital file, this allows the "full breadth" of the original recording to come through, delivering better sounding music. These claims may come from the developers, but I will say the files do sound better when playing in Spins HD, and often times much better. And it's easy -- there is a page of presets that work well, and for the more adventurous, you can also set the tone for high, low, and midpoint sounds from your music. Great sound from an app that's easy to use is always a plus.

Smart phones have taken the place of the mp3 player for most of us, so getting great sounding audio is important for the connoisseurs out there. The coming update for Spins HD keeps the great sound you expect from the player, and adds a much improved UI that makes it easier to manage and sort your playlists and songs. If you're a current user, look for the update shortly, and if you haven't tried Spins HD yet, click the link above to give it a whirl. A press release and series of screenshots is after the break.

MAX-D’s Spins HD Audio App Is The Ultimate High-Definition Enhancement for Android Phones

The highly anticipated update to MAX-D’s flagship app makes it easier than ever to manage playlists and hear your music in high definition

SANTA MONICA – July 2, 2013 – Max Sound Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MAXD) – the HD audio company that is substantially improving the quality of sound in music, movies, audiobooks, video games, television, live events and mobile devices with it’s MAX-D High Definition audio breakthrough technology –  today released the ultimate update to its flagship High Definition music app for Android; Spins HD features MAX-D’s patent pending digital audio technology (Maximum Definition), providing the clearest and crispest sound standard for music playback on any Smartphone or portable media player.

“The Smartphone is the definitive music playback device of this generation and the mp3 remains the most popular audio format. Our new app gives serious music enthusiasts the sound quality they deserve on their smart devices, beginning with Android,” said MAX-D’s CEO, John Blaisure. “Finally, through the MAX-D process , much of the loss in sound quality that aficionados experience with digital music, specifically mp3s, is finally being restored. You have to hear it, to believe it. You have never experienced sound like this before

The new Spins HD App gives users more control than ever in how they organize and playback their music in High Definition. The Spins HD App allows users to create a playlist from any artist, track, albums, genres, and queue – just in time for that summer road trip! Users can also create, rename and delete playlists, or create and edit new ones from queued tracks. They can even delete specific tracks from a queue or select to play at a specific point in the queue.

Going well beyond the overwhelming number of unexceptional EQ-based apps in Google Play, MAX-D’s patent pending technology is unlike any other high-definition portable audio solution on the market! MAX-D actually converts the original, compressed digital recording to a warm analog sounding sound wave. MAX-D has the ability to restore the full breadth of the original recording, even though it is still technically playing back the digital mp3 file. With the Spins HD App , users can easily adjust different parts of the sound wave – customizing it to the low, mid or high range – or let the app itself do the work by setting musical genre defaults like pop, rock, jazz, classical, reggae, hip-hop, Latin and many others

The MAX-D technology is now integrated in the Spins HD App. The acquisition of Liquid Spins late last year allows users to download music and listen to it on the new Liquid HD app, available at either Google Play or liquidspins.com.

About Max Sound Corporation

MAX-D is to audio what HD (High Definition) is to video. The MAX-D™ Audio Process makes everything sound better and can convert an audio file to high definition quality while significantly reducing the file size by allowing the user to convert to MP3 or other compressed file types with the MAX-D process. Max Sound® and MAX-D™ are registered trademarks and patent pending technologies wholly owned by Max Sound Corporation.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. To learn more about the MAX-D Technology, visit www.MaxSound.com.