Marvel Avengers Academy will let you build and manage your own super hero school

If you've dreamt of managing your own super hero school then upcoming Marvel Avengers Academy for iOS and Android is the title for you. The game puts you in charge of guiding the paths of world-famous characters as they come to terms with emerging powers. You'll need to unlock young super heroes through exploration, upgrading their powers to play through stories written in partnership between TinyCo and Marvel.

It's an interesting experience where iconic characters are available as student versions. The ultimate environment to train young Avengers will need to be formed by building and upgrading various training facilities, dorms, labs, classrooms, stadiums and more. Characters will endure dates, rival cliques and having to navigate social ups and downs, learning what it takes to reach their greatest potential.

Marvel Avengers Academy will be released in Q1 2016 as a free title with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.

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Rich Edmonds