Lollipop closes in on 10 percent of active Android installs, KitKat and Jelly Bean each fall under 40 percent

The monthly report, which shows how many active Android devices are running on each version of the software, shows that Lollipop has grown significantly to 9.7 percent of installs, up from 5.4 percent last month. KitKat dropped subtly to 39.8 percent from 41.4 percent, while Jelly Bean moved to 39.2 percent from 40.7.

Android 2.2 Froyo is reaching a critically-low install percentage, now at just 0.3 percent, and within a handful of months we can expect it to hit the magical point of 0.1 percent where it's no longer considered significant enough to be included in the report.

Android Platform Version Numbers

The growth in Lollipop isn't all that surprising, as more high-profile devices like the Galaxy S5 and LG G3 have all but completed their software update roll-outs and more popular devices are being sold every day with Lollipop re-loaded. Next month will mark a jump over 10 percent of all active Android devices being on the latest version, which will be a big milestone.

Source: Google

Andrew Martonik

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