Live TV listings are headed to Google search results

Google has revealed that you'll soon be able to quickly check live TV listings inside of Google Search. While there's no timeline on when to expect the feature to pop up, Google says you'll be able to check air times and channels for any given TV show with a simple search. From Google:

Today, I'm excited to announce that, coming soon, Google Search will have live TV listings. So now when you're looking for The Big Bang Theory, we'll not only show you the apps and sites where you can find the latest episode, but also show which channel you can turn your tv to later in the evening or week to catch it live.

This is in addition to information that Google already surfaces for TV shows, such as where they're available online, cast information and much more.

Live TV listings are headed to Google Search results

Google also made a number of announcements geared towards its ad industry partners, including ways it's making its DoubleClick ad platform much better at targeting and managing its ads. For more on that, be sure to check out Google's full blog post.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • I'm always amazed whenever I search a TV show that Google doesn't already do this, especially when my Logitech Revue used to serve this info up without any problems. Glad to see this!
  • Cool Posted via the Android Central App
  • Who still watches live TV? You're basically just paying to watch commercials. Screw that.
  • Sports? I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup
  • Couldn't care less about sports, actually.
  • I think wezi427 was saying people who watch sports still watch live TV, not that you do necessarily Posted on LG V10 via the Android Central App
  • You mean everything isn't about me? Damn!
  • Actually, I am not paying to watch commercials. Cable charges to watch commercials. OTA TV does not,as it's free to use. Posted via the Android Central App
  • good why don't u go live on the moon u dumb ass
  • You mad, bro?
  • FINALLY, I was wondering for a long time when this feature would be coming. :D