What you need to know

  • Live Transcribe enables you to see the sound around you.
  • You will also be able to copy and save text for up to three days.
  • The audio visualization indicator has been made larger.

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google announced new changes coming to its Live Transcribe feature. As of June 3, they have finally arrived.

For those of you who don't know, Live Transcribe is an accessibility feature in Android that turns speech into text on your smartphone screen. While this is already an amazing feat and invaluable to those with hearing impairments, Google has made some improvements to make it even better.

The first change to Live Transcribe gives it the ability to show you sounds as well as text. Think of it as when you enable closed captions on your TV but for the world around you. Whether it's a dog barking, music playing, laughter, traffic, or someone knocking at the door, Live Transcribe will now be able to show you. This goes a long way towards not only making you part of the conversation but part of the world around you.

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Google has even made the audio visualization indicator larger to make it easier to see when Live Transcribe detects audio.

The next new feature will be useful for those even without hearing loss, as you will soon be able to copy and save text locally for up to three days. Making it perfect for students in lectures or even journalists conducting interviews.

Live Transcribe is currently available on 1.8 billion Android devices and in over 70 languages and dialects. Not only can it transcribe live speech, but it also allows users to type in text and have it read back out loud for those who cannot or choose not to speak.

Google's making phones more accessible to people with speech and hearing impairments

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