LG unveils hexagonal batteries destined for circular smartwatches

LG has unveiled a new battery aimed at the smartwatch segment. The new battery is hexagonal in shape, and is designed to provide a better fit for circular smartwatches with improved battery life to boot.

From ETNews:

Compared to previous rectangular or square batteries for circle Smart Watches, its use of space and degree of freedom in design are much better because its shape is similar to a circle. It can miniaturize products and it can increase battery capacity up to 25%. It is predicted that battery's life will increase 4 more hours compared to previous ones.

The battery takes advantage of a patented process called "stack and folding" that should turn out interesting new shapes for batteries in the future. For example, the company is also working on an L-shaped battery, as well as a circular battery with a hole in the middle. As far as this new hexagonal battery is concerned, LG plans to begin mass producing them by the end of the year, which presumably means we could start seeing them in next year's crop of Android Wear smartwatches.

Source: ETNews

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Aren't circular batteries a better match then? haha. You know, like circular batteries for watches...which are out right now? Yeah, those pesky ones.
  • You mean ones that don't recharge? Yeah don't think that would be very good for a smartwatch.
  • Yeah, that would work great as long as you don't mind replacing that disposable battery every 12-16 hours.
  • I was unaware that they were not already using a circular battery technology, but I can understand why the ones we typically see probably wouldn't have the capabilities to power something like a smart watch. It's good to know that they are working on design options for batteries to improve our usability in smart watches.
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  • Like Dr. Tongues 3D House of smart watch batteries!
  • To be fair, it's a square with two corners chopped off.
    Probably better than a simple rectangle, but make it a bit bigger and chop off the other two corners.
  • My thoughts exactly