LG V20 will be unveiled on Sept 6

LG announced that the V20 will be the first phone to offer Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, and now we have an announcement date. The upcoming flagship will be unveiled on September 6 in San Francisco.

The invitation features a colorful pop-up book with a "Play More" tagline, hinting at the phone's multimedia capabilities. LG is one of the partners for Google's Daydream VR platform, and we could see the company's efforts in this segment with the V20.

With Samsung rolling out its second flagship in the Galaxy Note 7, it will be interesting to see what LG has in store with the V20. With just over a month to go and LG's propensity to serve up details before the official announcement, we should know more about the phone in the coming weeks.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Awesome! Let's hope they keep their word about defining the premium category!
  • I just hope it's an improved v20. Anything other than that and I'll probably be disappointed. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Improved? As in, the first phone to find the bugs in Android 7.0?
  • I don't understand this comment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Android 5.0 had some pretty major bugs and consumers with carrier branded phones were screwed until the carriers felt like pushing out 5.1.1 several months after it's release.Not a good thing,at all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed.
  • Maybe he meant improved V10? Doesn't really make sense as written Posted via the Android Central App
  • You mean an improved V10 right? Posted with my LG G4 6.0 via the Android Central App
  • Improved from what the v10 was the best phone of 2015 other than battery issues I have the g5 now but the v10 is the best overall phone ive ever owned it killed the note 5 I had before it .I'm sure the v20 is gonna be phenomenal
  • In other news... Lol
  • As if the life of a loser troll.
  • As long as this "play more" business does not refer to the horrible friends that the g5 had I'm sure I'll be getting this phone. Posted via what ever tickles me at the time.
  • Right I saw that and kinda cringed. Let's hope there's nothing modular at all. It needs to be a powerhouse tank of a flagship all in ONE piece!
  • Exactly. Don't get me wrong, had the v10,came over to the g5 and I love this phone as a phone, the friends and modular stuff is where they lost me. I want powerhouse that doesn't have a Samsung name on it. Posted via what ever tickles me at the time.
  • Yeah, my first thought was a continuation of the friends concept - which has pretty much been a failure. Newsflash LG - your "friends" are the outcasts on the school playground (in other words, what I was when I was a kid) Posted via the Android Central App
  • My next phone! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mine too. One picture at a time--LG V10
  • Please, no "G5 logic". All I'd like to see is a well refined and improved V10 along with the expect hardware upgrades. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed, I really hope they didn't already go all in with "friends" on the V20 too, leaving them too late to change course after the dismal failure of the G5.
  • Or if it's already there, at least make sure the DAC is part of the actual phone, not as a separate add-on. People loved the DAC in the V10, and making it separate would be head-scratching. I would greatly prefer it if they made it more like an improved V10, but we'll see.
  • Yeah, that was a huge selling point given the current crop of Android phones. I want to believe that LG wouldn't work so hard to ruin a good thing but looking at the G5....
  • I hope whoever they kept after that reshuffle knows better.
  • Looking forward to seeing what LG has in store! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have the V10 and have no plans on upgrading yet (this phone is more than worthy of another year of use). If I were to upgrade I would hope this new phone has at least 3,600-4,000 mAh battery, keep the IR blaster, removable battery and second screen. 64GB of internal storage is enough but more ram and the newest chip is must. Lastly if they can keep both of the front facing cameras and add a second camera to the back like the G5 than that would icing on the cake. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My guess is everything on your wish list will happen. The G5, while a sales disaster, has excellent cameras so I would expect they will be on the V20. Bigger battery is also likely and a SD 820 or 821 is a given.
  • If these rumors of a downgraded screen for the v20 are true they can keep it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If they're making Daydream a key selling point, it would seem a significant screen downgrade would be unlikely. I haven't heard these rumors personally, who does an update and reduces screen quality? Also, LG Display makes some of the nicest screens extant (their OLED TVs are stunning) so I would take those rumors with a healthy pinch of salt Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Play More" is the tag line used to refer to the Friends modules on the G5. Looks like a pretty big hint that they're gonna carry over the modules to the V20 Posted via the Android Central App
  • God I hope you're wrong. That would kill the V line for me.
  • They used the same tag line when the V10 was announced as well. One picture at a time--LG V10
  • Looking forward to seeing the reveal. Upgraded specs are a no brainer, but I want to see a big battery.
  • I would like to see them continue to keep the removable battery, SD card slot and manual cameras. Manual video is a must for me. I've been using the ported v10 camera app on my G4 for manual video, and I couldn't go without it. Even Samsung doesn't have that feature. I've also always preferred on screen navigation buttons as well. I would like to see a waterproof phone as well. If Lg can offer these in the v20, it will be my next phone for sure. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ur not getting a waterproof phone so u can mark that off. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As an almost perfectly happy V10 owner I doubt I'll be upgrading but the only things I'd want would be a bigger battery and newer processor. Not that the processor in the V10 doesn't meet all my needs but it wasn't the fastest/best even when it launched so time for a refresh there. Hoping all the things I love in the V10 (64gb storage, SD card slot, great camera etc) all remain, if so it should be a great phone that sadly won't get the sales it deserves Posted on LG V10 via the Android Central App
  • You're likely correct. LG should avoid releasing phones at the same time as Samsung in the same category. Their marketing swamps LG every time. I understand that they want to compete with their rival, but to non-enthusiast consumers it just looks like a me-too effort. It's a shame because LG makes some fantastic high-end phones with unique and . . . sometimes useful features, but releasing during a Samsung marketing blitz is a terrible idea they keep repeating. SMH. If they keep losing $ on phones they'll just sell OLEDs instead and we'll all be worse off Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm thinking LG got it right again with the V20 just as they did with the V10. I also loved the G4. They should really try and forget the G5 ever happened. I'm hoping the button scheme is on the back as in previous models. It really was helping lg stand out more as far as brand awareness goes. Not to mention I became quiet comfortable using the buttons on the back. I'm hoping this phone is as good as I know it could and should be. It's going to be the V20 or a new nexus for me. If the V20 is done right I won't even wait for the nexus.
  • I've had my V10 since November and I still love it.. The V20 will need to be one sick device for me to upgrade.. DroidGang
  • Same here. Still have plenty of love for my V10. It's my favorite phone I have ever owned.
  • Ditto. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The only problem with my V10 is the crappy battery life. I hope they fix that.
  • Oh man, if the V20 has modules like the G5, epic fail. No modules PLEASE! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Dear LG, this should NOT be hard. Take the V10, improve the battery life, maybe add water resistant or proofing, brighten the screen in direct sunlight, update the innards. Done. Do NOT try to reinvent the wheel. Not at this stage in the smartphone game. I am not looking for wow, just better than before. I feel that is what the Note 7 is and why Samsung will sell a **** ton of them. Posted with my LG G4 6.0 via the Android Central App
  • Internal upgraded antenna would be nice .... Posted via Android Central App
  • What's an upgraded internal antenna, the antenna is internal, was the V10 antenna external. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure he means the quality of the antenna.
  • Looking forward to seeing what this one brings to the table. It would have to be an amazing upgrade for me to give up my V10 at this point. Guess we'll see.
  • lol, Play More. Friends incoming, prepare yourselves.
  • I can't wait for this phone and announcement. I'm off on the 6th as well so I'll be watching this live. One picture at a time--LG V10
  • More interested in the Flex 3 , can't see me giving up a curved phone anytime soon. Still unmatched form factor, nothing comes even close. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hopefully a UX refresh is in order
  • I hope it doesn't have a removable chin, however that would not necessarily stop me from buying it. I have the G5 and didn't buy it for the mods. Its actually a great phone despite the bad press up front which I feel cost them a lot of sales. My only complaint of the G5 is that the GPS is little weak. Hoping the V20 is a little better.
  • Let's hope it has at least SD821 ,better the 823 on board. They are more powerful and use less energy as the old 820 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Unless it's for graphic intensive games there's not many apps that need that amount of power anyway. Your Snapchats, Facebooks, Twitters, and Pokemon Gos will be just fine with S820. One picture at a time--LG V10
  • Isn't the 821 basically an overclocked 820?
  • Hell, those things all work fantastically on the V10 with the 808.
  • Play more? Only if you give me a truly great phone that isn't trying to copy and paste from Samsung or Apple. You want me to be excited about the v20.. Innovate and bring a reason to be excited, not a rehash of someone's wet dream of a modular phone that runs up the cost of the phone to get your extra features. You want me to upgrade from my V10? Give me a compelling reason to do so by not bowing down to the carriers and removing the ability to utilize the recovery as most all Android phones can, and give me a path to unlock the bootloader to play with custom roms if I choose to. You want me to spend more for your new v20? I will if you fix what is wrong with the V10 and your customer service and give me a substantial upgrade to it. LG... You could be a leader if you wanted to, instead of a follower by building this phone with the best combination of the latest components all in one. Your g4 was so close to being there and so to is the V10 but I am afraid that you will never be the best and shoot yourself in the foot again trying to remake the v20. I hope I am wrong Posted via the Android Central App
  • Even if you do modular throw your crap G5 implementation and copy what Lenovo/Moto did wth the Moto Z. No modules with just solid phone will be preferable though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • ......Who.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Loved my v10 but hated the battery life. Hope to see something awesome from LG again soon. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Anyone seen pic or spec leaks of the V20 yet? Not that it's a big deal, but I'm really curious about it. I wasn't all that impressed with the Note 7 (it appears to be a great phone, but I expected a wee bit better).
  • The Note 7 is refinement of a system that is working for Samsung. Which is great for the general consumer, not so much for the geek looking for the next innovative product. I think LG is the only one with the drive and willingness to drive innovation at this point.
  • Agreed. LG put their balls on the table with the G5. While it didn't work out, I admire their willingness to try something different. That said, I hope that they don't try so hard with the V20 that they forget to make the phone an improved iteration of the V-series. They don't need something all-new to get this one right.
  • I'm reading the the V20 will share nearly identical specs with the S7 Edge/Note 7. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Saw only leaked pics of the Flex 3 and that thing is beautiful. Shipping with Android N powered by the Snapdragon823 w 8Gigs of RAM Posted via the Android Central App
  • Please please keep the DAC and the awesome camera software. Just give me awesome battery life and I'll upgrade in a heartbeat.
  • Bigger screen and I'll buy it the first day as long as everything else is still good. Smaller screen? No, thank you.
  • So let us see LG had the G5 release around a month after the S7 and lost badly. People were fired because of this now they go and wait a month after the note 7 is launched and in the hands of folks to release the V20! Yeah, it looks like the wrong folks were fired because they are about to do the same thing they did earlier this year allow the comp to get their devices in everyone's hands first. Hell have we seen valid leaks of what this new v20 will look like and what features to expect?
  • Intreresting Sept (9), 6th, 2016 (2+1+6=9) Then, 9+6+9=24. Then 4+2=6.
  • Better have adoptable storage.
  • Guys don't speculate. Wait UNTIL the phone shows its true colors, whether it be a review or even a preview, and then make your decision..Personally, I can't wait until this phone comes out to see what LG shoes compared to Samsung and even Motorola..Patience grasshopper, patience.. Good things comes to those who wait!!
  • I might almost have to find out if I can go for broke on this. I'm sending my V10 back to LG for the 3rd attempt to fix the broken memory slot. Apparently memory slot, camera, and Sim card slot are very easily confused Posted via the Android Central App
  • Expecting.........it will be interesting to see what LG has in store with the V20.
  • I didn't like the metal rails they dug into my palm like no other phones. Yes a case mitigate things but I hate cases...
    Yes battery life I think that will be fixed to a degree just by using the current and much more efficient SOC.
    RAM management could use a tweak, also as an audio enthusiast the ESS headphone amp's high gain should be adjustable manually so low impedance HP's can receive a much healthier output to drive them. The current work around is a PIA. Also a front firing stereo speakers would be nice like the ZTE Axon 7's. While removable battery is not a must for me, the expandable storage is .The Gold/Beige color option was nice but didn't seem to made it to the US at least not via TMo.