LG Canada appears to be on a high. The company announced during MWC that its flagship G6 would be available across multiple carriers — a given in this highly-subsidized market — and now it has revealed that its fall hero phone, the V20, would be expanding to two of the country's biggest providers.

The V20 was, until now, only available on smaller regional carriers Freedom Mobile and Videotron, but will be sold at Rogers and sub-brand Fido, along with rival Bell, after the company says intense consumer demand forced its hand.

"Announcing additional carrier partners for the LG V20 means supporting our consumer demands, which LG strives to achieve in every strategic decision," said Shelly Walia, Brand Manager, Mobile Communications at LG Electronics Canada. "The positive reaction post-launch in October drove us to secure additional Canadian partners. We're proud to partner with Bell, FIDO, Freedom Mobile, Rogers and Videotron to ensure people have options."

Freedom Mobile LTE: Should you switch?

The V20 is still the only flagship handset in the Canadian market to support Band 66, which combines AWS-1 and AWS-3 spectrum into a single unified band. While the V20 on its own is a great handset, it has proven essential for Freedom Mobile's nascent LTE network, which is live in several cities across Canada, with plans to expand even further in mid-2017.