LG Roller bot

Mobile World Congress

It bleeps. It bloops. It lights up, shines lasers, monitors your home and plays with (or terrorizes) your pets.

This is LG Rolling Bot.

We got a sneak peek at the not-so-little guy — it's about 6 inches or so in diameter — at Mobile World Congress, and it's a fun little sphere. Whereas other gadgets like Sphero and BB-8 look a little more lovable, Rolling Bot is definitely more robotic with all the exposed ports and cameras. There's a companion app so you have full control.

But it does lighten things up a little bit with some internal LEDs, and a charming robotic voice that either was announcing its good intentions, or it was about to go full Dalek on us.

LG Rolling Bot and LG G5

The idea is that Rolling Bot can patrol your home when you're not there and report back if it thinks someone's lurking. Or it can do the whole laser pointer with pets thing and keep them occupied instead of getting in the garbage. (And talk to them. You've gotta wonder what they'll say.) It connects to your home Wifi for autonomy, and is an intriguing little guy.

We'll bring you more details on things like price and availability once we've got them.